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thanks and smiles and tears.

I have been overwhelmed by love, kindness and support over the last few days. It’s been kind of a long-distance intervention. No one called it that… just me. And I’m most definitely not saying that’s a bad thing… quite the … Continue reading

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I don’t know how to make friends. I’ve never been good at it… even when I was younger… even when I was a kid. My friends were always people with whom I just happened to get thrown together… or people … Continue reading

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It’s not that I’ve been acting all ‘sunshine and rainbows‘. Is that the expression? Maybe I’m just making shit up. I’m not familiar with that state of mind. I prefer my own name for it anyway… sunshine stick up your … Continue reading

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bad friend.

I’m not going to rip on someone for being a bad friend. Well, not someone else anyway. The bad friend is me. I’m distracted and disappointed. I’m exhausted and restless. I feel so much like I need a friend, yet … Continue reading

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the perk. #33

Maybe I’ve spent most of my life with ‘friends‘ who were a bit selfish and self-centered. I mean, people should take care of themselves and put themselves first sometimes. That’s true. But sometimes they should focus on someone other than … Continue reading

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a friend.

I want someone who will understand me even when I know (and she knows) I am being completely illogical (and even a little crazy) I want someone who will keep my secrets and tell me hers even the ones never … Continue reading

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This poem is dedicated to someone who always makes me smile, even if unintentionally. I have no idea if you know who you are… but I know who you are. Thank you. Last night or was it early this morning? I … Continue reading

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my friend.

My friend, I never knew You were thinking of me Until I needed you most And you appeared. © what sandra thinks

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