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moody monday. #7 #couplethings

‘Couple things’ is a concept I stole from (the best) late night show… Late Night with Seth Meyers. I’ve done this once before… and since I have a few things on my mind that, of course, affect my mood, I … Continue reading

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moody monday. #6 #supportorlackthereof

I had an uneventful weekend… which is both good and bad. Nothing especially bad happened… so that’s good. But nothing really happened at all… so that’s bad. I feel like I should be doing more stuff with my kids over … Continue reading

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moody monday. #5 #parenting #isuckatit

But wait… there’s more. And it’s worse. What the fuck. It’s always worse. After all, this is my stupid life. I am still worried about my son. He was really anxious about going to school today after the whole Friday afternoon … Continue reading

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I feel like a bad parent.

After school today, my son went with some of his friends to hang out at a park. One of the kids… who he’s never particularly liked, let’s call him A… grabbed a bottle from my son’s backpack. Then, basically, this … Continue reading

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throwback thursday: the metaphor.

I had nothing to post today. I hate that. I know it’s not necessary, but my goal is to post once a day. So… this being Thursday, it seemed like the perfect time to start something new. New for me … Continue reading

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disgust and anger.

I don’t know which is more appropriate at the moment. Both, I guess… I haven’t posted all weekend. I’ve been around… just not posting. First I thought maybe I had nothing to say but I’m not sure that’s true. I’ve … Continue reading

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fear of failure… and success.

I have a fear of failure. That’s no surprise. But I also have a fear of success. And that’s messed up. These fears… both of them… are spitting all over my life. Finding a job… I’m afraid I’ll never find … Continue reading

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mom’s boyfriend.

My mom has a boyfriend. And it makes me feel… weird. There’s nothing wrong with her having a boyfriend. My dad died over five years ago. I want Mom to be happy. And she is super-friendly and outgoing. People like … Continue reading

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