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wasting time.

It’s sad. I know it is. But I find myself wasting time. It’s not that I don’t have anything to do. It’s quite the opposite. I have tons to do. I could list those things (I, in fact, have a … Continue reading

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a bunch of random stuff.

[I’m not sure about that comma. Does it really belong there?]  I’m still empty. And I’m not sure what to think… I’ve never felt quite like this. I always have something to say. But lately, it’s hard for me to … Continue reading

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I feel like a bad parent.

After school today, my son went with some of his friends to hang out at a park. One of the kids… who he’s never particularly liked, let’s call him A… grabbed a bottle from my son’s backpack. Then, basically, this … Continue reading

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mom’s boyfriend.

My mom has a boyfriend. And it makes me feel… weird. There’s nothing wrong with her having a boyfriend. My dad died over five years ago. I want Mom to be happy. And she is super-friendly and outgoing. People like … Continue reading

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here’s the cake.

My nephew’s birthday cake. It’s really not very exciting… but a couple of you asked me to post… I don’t really know what possessed me to volunteer to do this cake. Yeah, I enjoy it mostly, but there are always … Continue reading

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not in the party mood.

This kid is not me. But the mood is perfect. … Tomorrow, I have to go to my nephew’s birthday party. It was kind of short notice since my sister forgot to tell me when it was. Yep… she totally … Continue reading

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mini golf.

Today was a beautiful day so I took the kids to our favorite mini golf course. I remain the reigning champion. My son is bitter. My daughter is less bitter. The place is beautiful. They color the water so it … Continue reading

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I am so bored. This has been going on for days. Maybe a week now. Part of it is physical… I’ve been having an exhaustion issue so I just don’t have the energy to do things. But fuck, I am … Continue reading

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