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a to z challenge theme reveal #atozchallenge

It’s time [well, it’s past time… I’m late… there’s a shocker] for me to reveal my theme for a challenge I’ve completed every April since 2016. The A to Z Challenge. I have huge reservations about participating this year… but … Continue reading

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oh honey. #poetry

Oh. My. God. I wrote a fucking poem! I haven’t written a poem since October of last year. But I wrote one. I know, right? I can’t believe it myself. do you remember how perfect we were? the first time … Continue reading

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I was just thinking.

[This is not me. Just FYI.] I really need everyone to stay the fuck out of the kitchen while I’m making dinner. I wonder if I should try to come up with one sentence, not unlike the one above, for … Continue reading

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random (and not-so-random) things. #5

Hey! It has only been ten days since my last post! Amazing. Fucking amazing. And so… here we go. Spotify is not good at shuffle. I made a fucking playlist. I’d like to hear all the songs on it… not … Continue reading

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I’m here… but…

This post has been in my draft folder since the 14th of December. I just haven’t felt like I was good enough to be around anyone… even online. But then I was isolated and I felt worse. Thank you to … Continue reading

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song of the day. #64 #music

I know I’ve posted this song before, but I heard it today and it kind of got to me in a big way. So… maybe listen to it again. I think it’s worth it. Wake Me Up | Avicii I … Continue reading

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missed christmas.

Well, I missed Christmas. No… not really. I just mean I missed Christmas here. I didn’t post any well wishes. I didn’t write anything. I didn’t do a damn thing. Except disappear. Miss me? I totally understand if you didn’t. … Continue reading

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holiday busyness.

I have been busy. I blame Christmas. Or I credit Christmas, depending on my perspective at any given moment. I’m tired. I feel stressed… burnt out. But I don’t feel hopelessly bored and scared and useless. Well, not entirely, anyway. It feels like … Continue reading

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