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I don’t know how to make friends. I’ve never been good at it… even when I was younger… even when I was a kid. My friends were always people with whom I just happened to get thrown together… or people … Continue reading

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This is long… and littered with obscenities. And pointless. And embarrassing to post. Want me to be real? This is real. You’ve been warned. Yesterday when I went to pick my daughter from her friend’s house, I was talking to … Continue reading

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5 things I like about myself.

I know exactly what my dear friend Cyranny was trying to do when she tagged me for this challenge. It was very kind of her and I’m incredibly grateful for her friendship. But… wow… this sure as hell is a challenge for … Continue reading

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in a box.

I feel a little out of touch lately. Like I’m stuck in a box… and can only pop a few holes for light… and breath. I’ve had a lot on my mind. I guess I always do, but it feels … Continue reading

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This may be too much information… and it may be really boring… but I don’t care. I’m floating. The woman who prepped me for my procedure this morning recognized me from last time (the failed initial diagnostic procedure). It’s a … Continue reading

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the cleanse.

Not my actual desk. • • • • • Lately, I’ve been feeling like I need to cleanse my life. Not talking about an internal thing (although I admit to being curious about that). I’m talking about my surroundings. Too much clutter around me … Continue reading

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they fight.

I know it’s normal, but for fuck’s sake. It’s like I live with Itchy & Scratchy. I’m not sure which kid is which character… I think they switch randomly. But holy crap… they’re driving me mad!   They fight They … Continue reading

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something(s) happened.

Remain calm. It’s nothing earth-shattering. Unless you’re me. Then it’s mildly earth shattering… because I’ve been so dismal of late… empty… and lacking the hope I truly need. little thing: Yesterday I made a call I’d been putting off because … Continue reading

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