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ink. #socs

Stream of Consciousness Saturday. No editing is allowed… (painful for me… I usually proofread a post 20 times…) This week, the prompt is ‘ink‘… I could go in a couple of directions with this one. Maybe I won’t limit it … Continue reading

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I miss lots of things…

… but most of all, I miss being able to write things I’m proud of. It’s no secret that I’m stuck with writing lately… I’ve posted about it so damn many times that I’m sure you’re sick to death of … Continue reading

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all dried up.

It has been a long time since I wrote any poetry or fiction or anything else from my imagination. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I hate it. I used to be creative… full of ideas. Now I’m … Continue reading

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This is just more about yesterday’s post. Of course, feel free to skip over this if you’re done with me talking about that. Hell, I’m kind of done with me talking about that… I think I know what I’m going … Continue reading

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thoughts? opinions? advice?

I have a problem making decisions. I’m not even sure asking for your thoughts will help… but I’m going to try anyway. Here’s the thing (yes, this is about my shop(s) again)… as I’ve mentioned before, RedBubble has no overhead. … Continue reading

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I changed my mind.

And I may change it again. I don’t know. But… As of now… I don’t think I’m going to fully stock my Etsy shop or make any sort of official ‘announcement‘ here. Not now… maybe not ever? Undecided. I don’t know … Continue reading

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working titles.

I know I’ve mentioned this a million times lately, but I’m still stuck on it… I can’t come up with anything good to post. I will not hold it against you in any way if you stop reading now. Hell, … Continue reading

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can’t make friends.

I don’t know how to make friends. I know… just start a conversation with someone. But I can’t do it. I have no idea what to say. After ‘hi,‘ I’m out. I can’t make small talk. I am just not … Continue reading

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