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This may be too much information… and it may be really boring… but I don’t care. I’m floating. The woman who prepped me for my procedure this morning recognized me from last time (the failed initial diagnostic procedure). It’s a … Continue reading

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the cleanse.

Not my actual desk. • • • • • Lately, I’ve been feeling like I need to cleanse my life. Not talking about an internal thing (although I admit to being curious about that). I’m talking about my surroundings. Too much clutter around me … Continue reading

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they fight.

I know it’s normal, but for fuck’s sake. It’s like I live with Itchy & Scratchy. I’m not sure which kid is which character… I think they switch randomly. But holy crap… they’re driving me mad!   They fight They … Continue reading

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something(s) happened.

Remain calm. It’s nothing earth-shattering. Unless you’re me. Then it’s mildly earth shattering… because I’ve been so dismal of late… empty… and lacking the hope I truly need. little thing: Yesterday I made a call I’d been putting off because … Continue reading

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bad friend.

I’m not going to rip on someone for being a bad friend. Well, not someone else anyway. The bad friend is me. I’m distracted and disappointed. I’m exhausted and restless. I feel so much like I need a friend, yet … Continue reading

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just me?

Does this ever happen to you? It happens to me a lot. It starts with feeling sad for no particular reason. Then I feel better for no particular reason. Then my head starts repeatedly reminding me of things to be … Continue reading

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who I am. #poetry

  I have realized something I should have seen long ago. I don’t know who I am. Maybe I did when I was five… running in the sun, swinging and climbing… playing silly games. Or was I just trying to be … Continue reading

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secret follow-up.

Please do skip over this if you don’t want to read about what I wrote HERE. And again… I might not leave this post up because, really, how much can people take? I can’t even take it anymore… I’m so … Continue reading

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