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it’s my d-day.

Yeah, I know, it should say b-day. But no. I’m going with d-day. d-day [dee-dey] noun 1. Military. the day, usually unspecified, set for the beginning of a planned attack. 2. June 6, 1944, the day of the invasion of western … Continue reading

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in a week.

It’s June. The month of my birth. It’s a week until d-day (my d-day… the 11th… if you’re taking notes). Over the next few days, I will mention my birthday numerous times. Offline, I mean, as my husband is a … Continue reading

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I have no title for this post.

[Edited to change post title. It was upsetting me too much.] ♥ My cousin. 45 years old. I’ve mentioned Joey before. See Thanksgiving 2015… and Thanksgiving 2016. He had cancer… a brain tumor that spread. After multiple surgeries, there was, eventually, … Continue reading

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guilt and regret.

Both… totally useless. But how does one overcome them? This is not an instructional post. I have no fucking idea how to overcome them. I can tell you how they overcome me, though. I hold onto guilt and regret for-fucking-ever. … Continue reading

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not deep thoughts.

Seriously. These thoughts are not deep. I think I just needed to empty my head… It was fucking hot today. When I looked outside, I expected to see Satan out there having a fucking picnic. My car temp said it … Continue reading

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on hold.

I’m on hold. But before I get into that, I wanted to address something… Yesterday I posted a poem that was a bit… devastating? I didn’t mean to scare anyone but I may have. The words are based in reality. Mine usually … Continue reading

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