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wild turkey.

No… I have not taken up drinking. Don’t worry. Or celebrate. But… Imagine my surprise when I returned home from a coffee run to find this large creature in my front yard—way too close to the door of my house. … Continue reading

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oatmeal cookie dough… yum.

Because I mentioned it in this post a few days ago, I thought I should share the recipe for my delicious oatmeal cookie dough ‘secret‘ treat. You’re welcome. I don’t make this often but I’d like to. And being the selfish … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s irrational, but I have this feeling… this fear… that I have been replaced. I don’t think I’m truly special to anyone. I used to think I was. I was probably just a fool. Every bond seems to be breaking… … Continue reading

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hopes, fears, and guilt.

For some reason… oh, you know, my whole life… and just aging in general, I’ve been feeling more lost than usual since my birthday last month. But it’s all me. It’s not you… it’s me. [Yeah, I really did just type … Continue reading

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A few days ago we went out to do some not-shopping. You know… looking around at things you might want but not actually buying anything. I was checking out some sandals… trying some on. Apparently somewhere in my brain, there … Continue reading

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hose fail.

Every day I spend time trying to catch up on everyone’s blogs. I’m failing and I feel the need to apologize. I’m doing the best I can. I’m sorry. You’d think with my incredibly depressing boredom, keeping up would be … Continue reading

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out of sight.

Out of mind? I miss having friends.  I miss being part of something.  I miss writing. I miss good moods and good days. I miss ideas and inspiration. I miss drive and purpose. I miss being loved. I miss when … Continue reading

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disappearing act.

Wouldn’t it be great if after disappearing for almost a week, I came back and told you that life is good? That my mood has lifted… my kids are having loads of summer break fun and are getting along famously… … Continue reading

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