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she’s alive.

Dear Anyone Who Still Reads My Blog, Hello. I thought I’d let you know that I’m still alive. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I haven’t been around. But I think of my friends here often, and I miss this place. I … Continue reading

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just for me.

I rarely do things ‘just for me‘. I don’t see the point. All I end up with is financial anxiety and tremendous guilt. And, you know, I simply don’t know how to be kind to myself. Someone recommended a book … Continue reading

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what am I doing?

It has [only] been fourteen days since my last post! Wow. I surprise even myself. So… what the hell have I been doing? I’ll tell you… even though you didn’t ask. I promise it will be super interesting. And then … Continue reading

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I said good day.

I usually write when I feel like ass. Wow, what a fabulous opening line from a girl who hasn’t posted for nearly a month. Okay, back to feeling like ass. I guess I write when I feel that way because … Continue reading

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remember me.

Not actually me. Remember me. I was going to put a question mark, but I decided it’s not a question. It’s a command. I order you to remember me, dammit! It’s been weeks. More than six of them. This has … Continue reading

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found him.

My soulmate. Found him. Too bad he didn’t include his number. — [If you cannot see it, the text of the newspaper clipping pictured is as follows: My name is Bubbles. I reside in a shed with 28 kitties. I … Continue reading

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too close to the tree

I don’t know what you were expecting but this isn’t my A to Z recap post. Or my afterthoughts or whatever. I’ll write that later. Or I won’t.  Please note: This is a long post. I always feel like I … Continue reading

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I was just thinking | z/zero #atozchallenge

No way in hell was I going to write about zebras. Zero was a far better choice for me… because, you see, I feel like a total zero. I have zero motivation. I have zero [offline] friends. I have zero … Continue reading

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