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well. tomorrow is april 1. (and an a to z theme?)

(Please don’t throw anything at me.) The April A to Z challenge starts tomorrow. I’ve completed the challenge for the last seven years. This year…… Hold on! Let’s back up. Hello! I hope no one fainted at the sight of … Continue reading

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it matters.

I have been thinking lately about how people are treated. In a general sense, yes… but I’ve been thinking more about those one-on-one interactions. And to be completely honest (and maybe far too self-involved), I’ve been thinking about myself. • … Continue reading

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it rained.

(This is not a picture of my husband and me…) The day I got married, it rained. People kept telling me rain on your wedding day is good luck. A sign of a long happy marriage to come. And other … Continue reading

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the lost birthday.

I know… shut up about my birthday. [Which is tomorrow, by the way! I know, shut up, Sandra.] The year was 2009. Just like this year, I was turning 29. I was still at my previous job then and as … Continue reading

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unwilling competitor. the rest.

This will make much more sense if you read unwilling competitor (the first part) before this. • • • • • And… here’s the rest of the story…

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unwilling competitor.

I met my friend E a few days after I moved into my college dorm freshman year. You may or may not remember her from this post – how I met their father part 2. She and I became best … Continue reading

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how I met their father.

I have wanted to write this since my first blog post. It has been in my head the whole time. I haven’t written a word of it until now, but it has been screaming inside me [which would explain the … Continue reading

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