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hammer metaphor.

Today: You know that scene in the first Thor movie where Thor pins Loki to the bridge by resting mjolnir (that’s the hammer… I’m a nerd) on his chest… and Loki can’t move it because he’s not worthy? Today, I am … Continue reading

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in the red.

Now that A to Z is over, I feel like I have nothing left. Nothing inside me. Nothing to say. Nothing to write. I feel goalless… aimless… pointless. And I hate it… not only because I don’t know what to … Continue reading

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today has been a bear.

Warning: Too many gifs follow. I was having fun… and needed a laugh. Maybe it’ll work for you, too… This is the fourth post I’ve written today. Maybe it’ll be the one I actually post. I’ve killed the rest. I think … Continue reading

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dreams. #1linerWeds

I have dreams, you know. source: Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! words and pictures by Mo Willems   [Posted for One-Liner Wednesday… for which I’m sure the ‘one line’ is supposed to be my own… but this is not… … Continue reading

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freak show. #1linerWeds

My life is like a freak show… only no one pays to see it.   Have a nice day. 🙂 [Written for One-Liner Wednesday]   ©2018 what sandra thinks But the one-liner is inspired by this show… which is not … Continue reading

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fine… is not fine. #socs

This quote (from 2 Broke Girls… which was hilarious in the beginning but lost it’s magic for me later…) is the first thing I think of when I hear the word fine. It’s funny as hell, I think… because it’s … Continue reading

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valentine wanted.

  [Disclaimer: I know I’ve said I think Valentine’s Day is ridiculous… and I do… but when this idea came to me, I just couldn’t help myself. And it was such fun to make.] ©2018 what sandra thinks

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tonight’s game… from a non-fan.

I’m going to say this twice… here and at the end: If this post starts a riot, down it comes. But really, I think it’s pretty non-offensive. All I’ve heard about for weeks is tonight’s big game. Has everything else … Continue reading

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