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door to door.

Don’t come to my door.  I was making dinner tonight with a little fresh air wafting in through the screen door. It wasn’t particularly warm, but the light breeze was refreshing. The ringing doorbell was not. Especially since it was … Continue reading

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lazy mom’s mother’s day cupcakes.

Convenient and thorough instructions… for when you have to make your own celebration. 1. Make short but detailed shopping list: strawberry cake mix, Pillsbury vanilla frosting (I don’t know why it’s the best tub of frosting… it just is). Don’t … Continue reading

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couple things.

First thing… Yes, YouTube. I want to ‘skip ad’. Who the fuck doesn’t want to ‘skip ad’? Second thing… “We make our own luck” is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. luck (noun): success or failure brought by chance rather … Continue reading

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double tag.

I was recently tagged for the Mystery Blogger award by Lennon and Simon… two people I have the pleasure of calling my friends. Thank you both for thinking of me! I don’t usually do these things, but I ♥ my friends … Continue reading

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I seem to be in a place of abundant emptiness. Yes, I do see the contradiction. I have thoughts running around inside my head… some I’ve made notes of… some I cannot understand. And through all of this, I have … Continue reading

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it’s a mystery.

I skipped out on blog awards a long time ago. I never followed the rules anyway. What a rebel. But since Vic is my friend and she mentioned me in her ‘Mystery Blogger Award‘ post, I thought I’d do it. Parts … Continue reading

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