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10 signs you may be failing at life.

10 signs you may be failing at life. 1) You put the milk in your bowl before the cereal. 2) You don’t drink the milk after you’ve eaten the cereal. 3) You spread peanut butter then jelly on the same … Continue reading

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random things. #7

It has only been six days since my last post. I’m on a roll! It’s a pathetic roll, but it’s still a roll. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. This morning I woke up at 5 am and couldn’t get back … Continue reading

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the year was 2020.

And that year is over. ‘Yay‘ I guess? But contrary to what many seem to think, the clock striking midnight on January 1st didn’t suddenly send us to the comfort of the before times. So… I thought I’d try finding … Continue reading

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thought for the day. #2

I was looking for one of those ‘Snuggie’ wearable blankets as a sort of joke Christmas gift, and I came across this. I don’t know if this is funny to everyone or if my sense of humor is fucked up… … Continue reading

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found him.

My soulmate. Found him. Too bad he didn’t include his number. — [If you cannot see it, the text of the newspaper clipping pictured is as follows: My name is Bubbles. I reside in a shed with 28 kitties. I … Continue reading

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I was just thinking.

[This is not me. Just FYI.] I really need everyone to stay the fuck out of the kitchen while I’m making dinner. I wonder if I should try to come up with one sentence, not unlike the one above, for … Continue reading

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I have officially started…

… my Christmas list. You know, because I’ve been such a good girl this year. [Yeah, I can’t keep a straight face either.] Gift request #1: Stay tuned for more. Only 32 shopping days left. Plan accordingly.   ©2018 what … Continue reading

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eleven things… plus pumpkins.

Today is Halloween. I haven’t written anything suitable lately, so I’ve decided to share something from long ago. From Nov 3, 2015, to be exact. But before I get to that, I’ll share a couple of pictures I took today … Continue reading

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