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car maintenance.

I truly hate dealing with car stuff. But, as I was long overdue for an oil change (or, my car was… not me), I figured I should take care of that… especially since my husband is off today and I … Continue reading

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should have stayed in bed.

Everyone in my house slept in today. (Well, not my husband… he had to work. Ha ha! I’m a bitch.) It’s grey and rainy and cold today. Cold for July in New England, anyway. Really. It’s 58°F. I believe the … Continue reading

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my life.

I don’t usually do this… but it was so perfect I had to share… Have a great weekend!  

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the poet. (revisited)

This post was originally published in June 2016, about seven months after I began ‘seriously’ writing poetry (you know, excluding the embarrassing teenage/early 20s stuff). I had far fewer followers back in 6/2016 (about 1/3 of what I have now) … Continue reading

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Meanwhile… in another segment stolen from Seth Meyers… Really!?! Really?! Are you in such a hurry… are you so important… that you need to literally run to beat me to the fucking supermarket express check-out? It’s express, dumbass. Really?! I … Continue reading

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to the food bloggers.

[Disclaimer: Reality-based humor follows. Food bloggers, don’t be offended. Or… if you’re easily offended, run. Run far away.] Dear food bloggers, Please take the following under advisement. And don’t fret… I don’t expect any response. Answers and explanations would probably … Continue reading

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six degrees… While he was filming a movie in my town, I met… Adam Sandler who was in Anger Management with Jack Nicholson who was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon So… if Jack Nicholson’s Bacon number is … Continue reading

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door to door.

Don’t come to my door.  I was making dinner tonight with a little fresh air wafting in through the screen door. It wasn’t particularly warm, but the light breeze was refreshing. The ringing doorbell was not. Especially since it was … Continue reading

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