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random things. #7

It has only been six days since my last post. I’m on a roll! It’s a pathetic roll, but it’s still a roll. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. This morning I woke up at 5 am and couldn’t get back … Continue reading

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random (and not-so-random) things. #5

Hey! It has only been ten days since my last post! Amazing. Fucking amazing. And so… here we go. Spotify is not good at shuffle. I made a fucking playlist. I’d like to hear all the songs on it… not … Continue reading

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random things. #4

I have over one hundred unread messages in my inbox. Again I’ve fallen insanely far behind. There is little hope of catching up. I’m sorry. I’m doing the best I can. My best just isn’t very good. I get overwhelmed … Continue reading

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random things. #3

I guess there really is activity in my brain. Although ‘real’ writing eludes me still… Dum-Dums has a special limited-edition flavor for fall. It’s apple cider and it’s amazing. Yes, I eat lollipops. Occasionally. It’s fall (depressing) and temps have … Continue reading

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random things. #2

I had a few random things I was going to write about, but I had to do something else first and now I can’t remember what they were. Seriously. It was ten minutes ago. I have a memory deficiency. I … Continue reading

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random things. #1?

Hi. I don’t think I have much to say. I guess we’ll find out, huh? Anyway… I’m just going to write… and maybe share a few pictures. I’m sure this will be painfully boring for you. I’m sorry. I wish … Continue reading

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