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word thieves. #writing

I’ve always known that posting fiction online was a risk. A big one. I put my heart and soul (and the rest of me) into every word I write… and I post it for the world to see… and steal. Is … Continue reading

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blogging and writing and…

[Note: This is one of those posts I started writing at least ten times but trashed it every time. I don’t know why I kept trashing it… and I don’t know why I’m posting it now…] Maybe I am an … Continue reading

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my identity.

My online identity, that is… I’ve been reluctant to change things much around here. It’s been long enough that my site’s design and style are pretty well ingrained. If I change things, will this place no longer feel like home? … Continue reading

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the questions. (rule breaking award post)

I haven’t really been doing awards for a while but I’m always up for the fun of answering questions. Plus, I’ve had a lot of new followers lately and I thought this might help them get to know me. Although … Continue reading

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the m’s and beyond

I’m struggling to write… but I’m sure you already know that… it’s got to be painfully obvious with the crap I’ve been posting. My alphabet is crumbling. I may not make it with M tomorrow. I have to bake some … Continue reading

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blue sky questions.

My amazing friend Lennon has Blue-Sky tagged me. She is the best ever… kind and happy and funny as hell. ♥ Go visit… you’ll see! The rules: I’m not going to follow any rules. Except answering the questions. I’m sure the … Continue reading

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experiment and regret.

This is a ridiculous post in which I will discuss a matter that is probably not deserving of the seriousness level of the post… in which I treat something trivial with the utmost importance. You may come out of it thinking … Continue reading

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one thousand.

A thousand miles from you Even the clouds are blue A thousand hours since My lips last had your kiss A thousand ways to cry Since we said goodbye A thousand dreams of when I am in your arms again … Continue reading

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