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thanks for that.

I know the A-to-Z challenge hasn’t even started yet, but I already want to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post with words of encouragement. I am a struggling writer. Not in the way that I’m … Continue reading

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the first year.

This year will be (might be?) the first year since I started blogging that I’m not going to do the A to Z challenge. Unless… I come up with some genius, simple idea in the next few days. I’m not … Continue reading

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it’s something.

As of today, my last post has 48 likes. I’m sure to some that’s nothing… and to others it’s something. To me, right now, knowing I have barely been here for months, it’s definitely something. Do people actually like me? … Continue reading

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she’s alive.

Dear Anyone Who Still Reads My Blog, Hello. I thought I’d let you know that I’m still alive. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I haven’t been around. But I think of my friends here often, and I miss this place. I … Continue reading

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late anniversary.

My blog anniversary came and went last month… and I totally forgot. WP doesn’t tell me because I opened my account way before I started blogging… so when I truly started blogging isn’t the date WP thinks is my anniversary. … Continue reading

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award questions… answered.

As I have not been much for writing lately, I was thankful that my friend T over at No Love for Fatties nominated me for a Liebster Award, complete with eleven interesting questions to answer. I thought her questions might … Continue reading

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writer’s death.

I don’t write anymore and I hate it. I used to look forward to having time to sit down with my laptop and write to my heart’s content. Fiction, poetry, and whatever else came to mind. But that is no … Continue reading

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Now I’m just making up words. I have written ten posts in the last week that remain in draft status. [Not to mention all the older drafts.] I don’t know what my problem is. I’m probably overthinking as usual. Five … Continue reading

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