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31 questions | march 2.

March 2 Do you have any irrational fears? I had a list of fears written for this post, but when I went back and read them, I realized that they weren’t right. They were things like ‘I’m afraid something terrible … Continue reading

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31 questions | march 1.

March 1 What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? Charming. Despite my shortcomings, and they are many, someone called me charming. I didn’t understand it and I’m still not sure I do, but that’s the word she used. Charm is … Continue reading

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31 day march, here i come.

I’ve decided to participate in a writing challenge during the month of March! Are you excited? My dear friend Marquessa brought this to me (well, not just to me… to anyone). I loved the idea. It’s self explanatory, really. 31 … Continue reading

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the year was 2020.

And that year is over. ‘Yay‘ I guess? But contrary to what many seem to think, the clock striking midnight on January 1st didn’t suddenly send us to the comfort of the before times. So… I thought I’d try finding … Continue reading

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thought for the day. #2

I was looking for one of those ‘Snuggie’ wearable blankets as a sort of joke Christmas gift, and I came across this. I don’t know if this is funny to everyone or if my sense of humor is fucked up… … Continue reading

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alive… and live.

I’m alive! Miss me? No? Well, I’m here anyway. Sorry. I can sense your disappointment from here. I have a new and improved (hopefully you’ll agree) RedBubble shop. Which is live. It’s called first draft because, really, most of my … Continue reading

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Well, thank fuck. p.s. — I can already feel the lines and dark circles on my face reversing.           ©2020 what sandra thinks

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thought for the day.

If I find joy in nothing else today, at least I have the dude at the Dunkin drive-thru who has a sexy-ass voice.   p.s. — And this post just proves that I’m still alive. I know you’ve been spending … Continue reading

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