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reasons fall sucks.

I touched upon this in an earlier post but I felt the need to elaborate. I’m probably not going to convince anyone that I’m right about fall (unless you already hate it like I do), but that isn’t my mission … Continue reading

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marry him.

The other night when my daughter was on her phone with one of her friends, he sent her a few pictures of his home. I’m not sure what led to him sending them, but she had to show me. I … Continue reading

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wild turkey.

No… I have not taken up drinking. Don’t worry. Or celebrate. But… Imagine my surprise when I returned home from a coffee run to find this large creature in my front yard—way too close to the door of my house. … Continue reading

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A few days ago we went out to do some not-shopping. You know… looking around at things you might want but not actually buying anything. I was checking out some sandals… trying some on. Apparently somewhere in my brain, there … Continue reading

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need some home improvements?

I’ve been walking a lot lately. The fresh air is good for me. And sometimes I see interesting things. One day, a funeral at the church a street over… one day, a really laughable sofa abandoned by the sidewalk waiting … Continue reading

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new cards in the shop.

I’m sure you know by now that self-promotion makes me anxious. But I should probably get better at it. Before I opened this shop, my thing was cards… that I printed myself. Lots of invitations for birthdays, weddings, whatever. And … Continue reading

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hammer metaphor.

Today: You know that scene in the first Thor movie where Thor pins Loki to the bridge by resting mjolnir (that’s the hammer… I’m a nerd) on his chest… and Loki can’t move it because he’s not worthy? Today, I am … Continue reading

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in the red.

Now that A to Z is over, I feel like I have nothing left. Nothing inside me. Nothing to say. Nothing to write. I feel goalless… aimless… pointless. And I hate it… not only because I don’t know what to … Continue reading

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