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reasons fall sucks.

I touched upon this in an earlier post but I felt the need to elaborate. I’m probably not going to convince anyone that I’m right about fall (unless you already hate it like I do), but that isn’t my mission … Continue reading

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5 things I like about myself.

I know exactly what my dear friend Cyranny was trying to do when she tagged me for this challenge. It was very kind of her and I’m incredibly grateful for her friendship. But… wow… this sure as hell is a challenge for … Continue reading

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I’m so smart.

Did you know that if you’re a night owl, you may be highly intelligent? No, really… you might. Staying up late is apparently a common trait of smart people. Really, though… I wouldn’t take one trait and base my assessment … Continue reading

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twenty random questions.

I compiled some random questions from all over the place… just for fun. If you’d like to answer these, too (no pressure), please do! Tag me so I find your post… or just answer in the comments. Maybe you’ll learn … Continue reading

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couple things.

First thing… Yes, YouTube. I want to ‘skip ad’. Who the fuck doesn’t want to ‘skip ad’? Second thing… “We make our own luck” is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. luck (noun): success or failure brought by chance rather … Continue reading

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essential driving tips.

Dear Dumbass Drivers, For at least 99% of you, today could not possibly have been your first day on the road. Thusly, I feel compelled to write and ask you a vital question to which I probably do not want … Continue reading

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eight things that seem dirty but aren’t.

I have a dirty mind. I find the naughty and the dirty in everything. I guess that’s just the way I roll. Filthy… mind in the gutter… incredibly immature. Yep. That’s me. My favorite is unintentional dirty. Those accidental words or … Continue reading

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new year.

Nearly five days deep into 2016, I bet you thought you weren’t going to find out what sandra thinks about the New Year. And you were almost right. I wasn’t going to do it. No New Year post. However. I have … Continue reading

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