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google has failed me and my loneliness.

What the fuck, google? You’re supposed to be the best! But you have failed me and I’m angry. And really fucking sad. (And a bit dramatic.) Sigh. I am desperate for a friend or two or three or something. Online … Continue reading

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a thief among us. #plagiarism

Yes, I keep a stock image handy for occasions such as this… Dear Thieving Wanker, Seriously… what the fuck? If you want to share a post of mine, the proper and polite thing to do is to ask if I … Continue reading

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thirty… and other annoyances.

Thirty. A couple of days ago, I got thirty likes on thirty posts in less than thirty seconds. Is this new follower a fucking speed reader? Please! No reading happened there. What is the point? I hate when my notification … Continue reading

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[Warning: This is dark. Really dark. And really bitchy. And maybe even scary. And just generally bad. My deepest apologies in advance.] × Sometimes it’s better not to talk about it. And by ‘it‘ I mean everything in my life. … Continue reading

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It’s not that I’ve been acting all ‘sunshine and rainbows‘. Is that the expression? Maybe I’m just making shit up. I’m not familiar with that state of mind. I prefer my own name for it anyway… sunshine stick up your … Continue reading

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Yet another post that I don’t know if I should publish. Maybe I’ll remove it. Due to shame. Or something. Hell, I wrote it yesterday. And trashed it. Then I came back to it today.  I’ve been so excited about … Continue reading

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tonight’s game… from a non-fan.

I’m going to say this twice… here and at the end: If this post starts a riot, down it comes. But really, I think it’s pretty non-offensive. All I’ve heard about for weeks is tonight’s big game. Has everything else … Continue reading

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my day so far.

If there was any doubt in my mind that I hate Christmas, it’s gone. No doubt left. I hate it. Today I thought I should try doing a little Christmas shopping with my lack of money. Stressful even before I … Continue reading

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