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it’s over.

Christmas, I mean. It’s over. Thank fucking god. (No religious disrespect intended.) Goodbye, Santa. (I’m still hoping you’ll come through for me…) Goodbye, extra financial stress. (Now back to regular financial stress.) Goodbye, ridiculous crowds in my face everywhere. Goodbye, … Continue reading

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you’ll miss me. #socs

You’ll miss me when I’m gone. No no no… don’t panic… or rejoice. I’m only going away for a couple of days. We have a tradition of sleeping over at Mom’s house on Christmas Eve… and spending Christmas Day there … Continue reading

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i think i’m charlie brown.

Before we get into my extremely accurate revelation, I wanted to let you all know (if you were wondering) that the upsetting situation that began Tuesday night has improved somewhat. I still don’t know the outcome for certain, but the … Continue reading

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decision making 101.

Have you ever gotten to a point where you’ve made so many bad decisions that you don’t trust yourself to make any decisions at all? I have. Do you find yourself thinking ‘I don’t know what to do’ all the … Continue reading

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ink. #socs

Stream of Consciousness Saturday. No editing is allowed… (painful for me… I usually proofread a post 20 times…) This week, the prompt is ‘ink‘… I could go in a couple of directions with this one. Maybe I won’t limit it … Continue reading

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I changed my mind.

And I may change it again. I don’t know. But… As of now… I don’t think I’m going to fully stock my Etsy shop or make any sort of official ‘announcement‘ here. Not now… maybe not ever? Undecided. I don’t know … Continue reading

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moody monday. #11 #parenting (and more)

I’m having a situation involving one of my kids again. Actually, it’s something I already mentioned in this post… the part about my son. I just wrote an entire post detailing the situation, but I decided not to get into … Continue reading

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moody monday. #10

Today has been okay. Maybe it’s been better than okay, but I don’t want to say that because I’ll probably jinx it. After all, it’s not over yet. (I know… I am so negative…) I woke up in the usual … Continue reading

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