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those days. #poetry

I wish someone told me those days were the ones that would live forever and turn into regret All the choices I made would have been different if only I had known they would haunt me ‘til death I would … Continue reading

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who I am. #poetry

  I have realized something I should have seen long ago. I don’t know who I am. Maybe I did when I was five… running in the sun, swinging and climbing… playing silly games. Or was I just trying to be … Continue reading

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song of the day. #46 | song lyric sunday. #music

This week’s theme for ‘Song Lyric Sunday‘ is… peace. This is not a song about being at peace. It’s a song about craving peace… wanting to go back in time (to The Night We Met…) to undo the past to … Continue reading

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everything. #poetry

I wish I hadn’t been blind when you were by my side because I had everything I was a fool to think I’d find something more because you were everything I cannot understand why I let you go because I … Continue reading

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guilt and regret.

Both… totally useless. But how does one overcome them? This is not an instructional post. I have no fucking idea how to overcome them. I can tell you how they overcome me, though. I hold onto guilt and regret for-fucking-ever. … Continue reading

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experiment and regret.

This is a ridiculous post in which I will discuss a matter that is probably not deserving of the seriousness level of the post… in which I treat something trivial with the utmost importance. You may come out of it thinking … Continue reading

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the whole half.

Your smile that night Melted the insides of Every girl in the room But you chose me I remember your words I remember every one They replay in my head Every day I’m without you I was afraid to take … Continue reading

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how I met their father. part 5.

the story of my love life: Part 1 – Fame | Part 2 – Sandra Goes Wild | Part 3 – Sandra Grows Up… and Down | Part 4 – Uncomfortably Numb We’re kind of past the ‘how I met’ part of the story… so consider this … Continue reading

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