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love across the ocean. (take 2)

I’ve been preoccupied and busy. I finally have many new bits of writing inspiration… but now that I do, I have no time to write. I was thinking about this post the other day… and since I haven’t had a … Continue reading

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how I met their father. part 2.

[If you have not read Part 1 – Fame, start there!] Part 2 – Sandra Goes Wild. Whenever my friends from the radio station got together for a show or for drinks at some bar after-hours, someone would call me and … Continue reading

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love across the ocean.

When I was much younger and had more freedom and fewer neuroses, I ran away to Europe. I suppose “ran away” is a bit of an embellishment. But it sounds so much more adventurous and impulsive. The truth is, I really … Continue reading

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fighting the heart.

I am a woman driven by emotion. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Emotion fuels my creativity and I would never wish it away. The love story enthusiast inside me adores the sweet romantic picture of me this way … Continue reading

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writing, the early years.

Words. And paper. I love them both. I have been writing since I was a child. In my teenage years, the words morphed into angst-ridden stories and poems of love and loneliness. At 18, I left for college, aimless in every … Continue reading

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