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love across the ocean. (take 2)

I’ve been preoccupied and busy. I finally have many new bits of writing inspiration… but now that I do, I have no time to write. I was thinking about this post the other day… and since I haven’t had a … Continue reading

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oatmeal cookie fudge bars.

I have a problem with baking for special occasions. I have amassed so many dessert recipes [mostly on Pinterest] that I rarely bring the same dessert twice. Every occasion, I try something new. Some have been good. A couple were complete failures … Continue reading

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When I was a kid, the focus on healthy eating was non-existent compared to today. In the aisles of the supermarket, my mom rarely said no when we asked for junk food. You may remember my aforementioned childhood love for … Continue reading

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nuts and mom.

The other day as I grabbed a handful of nuts (no, no – not that kind of nuts) and tossed them into my mouth (still not that kind of nuts), I wondered when, exactly, I started to like nuts (edible … Continue reading

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love across the ocean.

When I was much younger and had more freedom and fewer neuroses, I ran away to Europe. I suppose “ran away” is a bit of an embellishment. But it sounds so much more adventurous and impulsive. The truth is, I really … Continue reading

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