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When I was a kid, the focus on healthy eating was non-existent compared to today. In the aisles of the supermarket, my mom rarely said no when we asked for junk food. You may remember my aforementioned childhood love for … Continue reading

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my hero.

I’ve always had an affinity for Batman. I think it may be his color scheme (it’s just like mine) and his general demeanor. He’s brooding and moody. (Oh God, this is like me, too, isn’t it?) It’s the dark part … Continue reading

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dream sequence [part two].

The second of my two recurring dreams began when I was older. In my late 20s, I think. It has never left me. Sometimes it starts in the halls of my high school. Sometimes it’s in my college dorm. Location … Continue reading

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dream sequence [part one].

I have two recurring dreams. The first started when I was quite young, maybe 5 years old. I dreamt it often for many years. It’s infrequent now, but it’s not gone. I’m a kid in the back of Mom’s station … Continue reading

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