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oatmeal cookie dough… yum.

Because I mentioned it in this post a few days ago, I thought I should share the recipe for my delicious oatmeal cookie dough ‘secret‘ treat. You’re welcome. I don’t make this often but I’d like to. And being the selfish … Continue reading

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remember the pineapple almond cake/bars?

Remember my almond post from before I totally failed flaked out on the Color Your World challenge? The one where I mentioned that I wanted to share a recipe? My old-school mom sent me that recipe (yes, on paper through the … Continue reading

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mom’s christmas eve punch. #food #drink

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really drink (much). I might pour a little Baileys or Kahlua into my coffee in the evening once in a (long) while. (Yes, I drink coffee in the evening… and every other time of … Continue reading

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here’s the cake.

My nephew’s birthday cake. It’s really not very exciting… but a couple of you asked me to post… I don’t really know what possessed me to volunteer to do this cake. Yeah, I enjoy it mostly, but there are always … Continue reading

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to the food bloggers.

[Disclaimer: Reality-based humor follows. Food bloggers, don’t be offended. Or… if you’re easily offended, run. Run far away.] Dear food bloggers, Please take the following under advisement. And don’t fret… I don’t expect any response. Answers and explanations would probably … Continue reading

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lazy mom’s mother’s day cupcakes.

Convenient and thorough instructions… for when you have to make your own celebration. 1. Make short but detailed shopping list: strawberry cake mix, Pillsbury vanilla frosting (I don’t know why it’s the best tub of frosting… it just is). Don’t … Continue reading

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french toast.

I heard that today is #NationalFrenchToastDay. You don’t have to tell me twice. Yum. I have no recipe… yet it turns out delicious every time. Definitely brown sugar, not white. And don’t forget the cinnamon. I’ve got to hide the evidence … Continue reading

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delicious traditions.

My family has traditions. Old ones, new ones… and nearly all of them attached to a special day – a holiday, a birthday, or another such special occasion that occurs once each year. And like lots of family traditions, many of … Continue reading

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