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bitchfest | u – uninspired and undecided #atozchallenge

u | uninspired and undecided I am reaching the end of my bitch-ability. Can you believe it? I cannot think of anything to bitch about other than the fact that I have nothing to bitch about… I’m uninspired. Since I’m … Continue reading

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art: the prints. #3

I’m not in a great state of mind. Everything is just… wrong. I guess that’s why I chose something fitting the current state of my life. Well, not a thing. A him.

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art: the prints. #2

I have tons of photos I took when I was in Europe for that magical semester. When I returned to school back here in the States, I used a few of them as inspiration for some pieces… like this one. … Continue reading

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art: the prints. #1

I did the drawing thing… sketching and all of that. I’ve painted [god, I hate painting]. Even some pottery and a [very] brief affair with sculpting. But something about taking a sharp carving tool and being at near-constant risk of … Continue reading

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writing, the early years.

Words. And paper. I love them both. I have been writing since I was a child. In my teenage years, the words morphed into angst-ridden stories and poems of love and loneliness. At 18, I left for college, aimless in every … Continue reading

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