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song of the day. #47 | song lyric sunday. #music

This week’s theme for ‘Song Lyric Sunday‘ is… parties/partying. You’d think this would be a really difficult one for me. And you’d be right. I am not the bouncy, bubbly party type. I am me. So… it’s the anti-party song. … Continue reading

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a song a day: day 1.

My wonderful (and amazingly supportive) friend Beach has tagged me to participate in the ‘a song a day challenge’… and how could I say no? Like this: “No.” But I’m not going to do that. If you don’t visit son … Continue reading

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song of the day. #19

Something has to change. I desperately want it to ‘just happen‘ but that’s bloody unlikely. I’m tired of trudging through day after day wishing, begging, and generally dying to feel better. I’m tired of telling my heart to slow down. … Continue reading

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art: the prints. #3

I’m not in a great state of mind. Everything is just… wrong. I guess that’s why I chose something fitting the current state of my life. Well, not a thing. A him.

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song of the day. #1

Every day doesn’t have a song of the day. Just some days. Or more than some. Or less. I was thinking (a horrible idea, really)… since you already know so much about me (sorry, please don’t be scared), you might as well … Continue reading

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three and three and three. day 3.

A Momma’s View invited me to participate in the three-day-three-quote thingy (my ridiculous name for it). Thanks again for thinking of me! [Rules at bottom of post.] Day Three – Lyrics edition I have music obsessions… that change. The first two … Continue reading

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