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charming. #poetry

You’re a charmer And you know it Mister romance Master of hearts You know the ways To make me blush You whisper words Stirring my insides And you tease me With those damn eyes Making me confess My every want … Continue reading

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it matters.

I have been thinking lately about how people are treated. In a general sense, yes… but I’ve been thinking more about those one-on-one interactions. And to be completely honest (and maybe far too self-involved), I’ve been thinking about myself. • … Continue reading

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nothing. #poetry

Nothing compares to the feeling I get when you’re near me Nothing warms me like the heat that surrounds when you touch me Nothing means more the whispers I hear when you love me   ©2018 what sandra thinks

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forbidden. #poetry

Something has been on my mind It may be a futile pursuit but I want something forbidden And I’m not talking about fruit.   ©2018 what sandra thinks (image found on Pinterest; original source unknown)

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ink. #socs

Stream of Consciousness Saturday. No editing is allowed… (painful for me… I usually proofread a post 20 times…) This week, the prompt is ‘ink‘… I could go in a couple of directions with this one. Maybe I won’t limit it … Continue reading

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it rained.

(This is not a picture of my husband and me…) The day I got married, it rained. People kept telling me rain on your wedding day is good luck. A sign of a long happy marriage to come. And other … Continue reading

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you knew. #poetry

you knew I needed you before I ever asked you for anything and I will always remember the way you made me feel when you fixed me when you gave me the power to finally say I am not broken … Continue reading

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should would could. #poetry

I should have taken the time to figure out what I really wanted before I took what was there I would have waited for you my one true love we would be together and I would know happiness I could … Continue reading

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