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charming. #poetry

You’re a charmer And you know it Mister romance Master of hearts You know the ways To make me blush You whisper words Stirring my insides And you tease me With those damn eyes Making me confess My every want … Continue reading

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I’ve got a secret. #4

“We don’t have time for this…” I mumbled into his ear as he reached around me looking for the zipper at the back of my fancy dress. “I don’t care. They can wait.” He tickled my neck with his soft, … Continue reading

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a walk in the city. (reblog)

I wrote this tiny piece of fiction a very long time ago (part of something longer that never quite worked out). I posted it here 5 months ago when my blog was less than 2 weeks old… and I had … Continue reading

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I was clicking around in my stats tonight and I came across something that was just too great not to share. It kind of made my night. It thrills me to know that searching for ‘wildest sexy kiss‘ brought anyone … Continue reading

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a walk in the city.

Some days, a walk in the city is just what you need… ……“You’re blushing,” he said. ……“I am not,” she insisted. ……“Yes… you are…” He stopped suddenly, almost causing a pile-up of pedestrians behind them on the sidewalk. With his … Continue reading

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