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not today.

Today is a bad day. There are too many things bothering me. I can’t smile. I can’t eat. I can’t do much of anything. I know most of the things bothering me are out of my control, but it doesn’t … Continue reading

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xmas photo overshare.

I took a lot of pictures at Mom’s because she is amazing at decorating (and amazing at tons of other things, too). She puts up six trees. That’s not a typo. Six. Two are big… four are smaller. Of course, she … Continue reading

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it’s over.

Christmas, I mean. It’s over. Thank fucking god. (No religious disrespect intended.) Goodbye, Santa. (I’m still hoping you’ll come through for me…) Goodbye, extra financial stress. (Now back to regular financial stress.) Goodbye, ridiculous crowds in my face everywhere. Goodbye, … Continue reading

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mom’s boyfriend.

My mom has a boyfriend. And it makes me feel… weird. There’s nothing wrong with her having a boyfriend. My dad died over five years ago. I want Mom to be happy. And she is super-friendly and outgoing. People like … Continue reading

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here’s the cake.

My nephew’s birthday cake. It’s really not very exciting… but a couple of you asked me to post… I don’t really know what possessed me to volunteer to do this cake. Yeah, I enjoy it mostly, but there are always … Continue reading

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not in the party mood.

This kid is not me. But the mood is perfect. … Tomorrow, I have to go to my nephew’s birthday party. It was kind of short notice since my sister forgot to tell me when it was. Yep… she totally … Continue reading

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mini golf.

Today was a beautiful day so I took the kids to our favorite mini golf course. I remain the reigning champion. My son is bitter. My daughter is less bitter. The place is beautiful. They color the water so it … Continue reading

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I have no title for this post.

[Edited to change post title. It was upsetting me too much.] ♥ My cousin. 45 years old. I’ve mentioned Joey before. See Thanksgiving 2015… and Thanksgiving 2016. He had cancer… a brain tumor that spread. After multiple surgeries, there was, eventually, … Continue reading

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