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jess(i)e’s girl.

Here is my closet’s most recent acquisition. Isn’t it beautiful? (Pssst… no, that is not a spelling error.) It’s the sexiest shirt I own. And not because it’s slim-fitting and really brings out my boobs. It’s because of Jesse. I … Continue reading

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the anxiety of reading.

If there was ever a question that I have too much stress and anxiety, rest assured, there is no doubt. I have a shit ton. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reading. A lot. Thirty-eight books in about three … Continue reading

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on a totally unrelated note…

Hey… I was retweeted by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert! I’m easily excited, I guess… It’s really not a big deal since he’s doing this daily hashtag thing and I think he’s retweeting everyone who participates. But still. It … Continue reading

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no ending.

I don’t usually post things like this, but this one… I made it myself. When I heard this the other day, it stuck with me… more from my writing perspective than from a reading one… but still. I hate endings… … Continue reading

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throwback thursday: the metaphor.

I had nothing to post today. I hate that. I know it’s not necessary, but my goal is to post once a day. So… this being Thursday, it seemed like the perfect time to start something new. New for me … Continue reading

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bedtime quickie.

Just a quickie before I go to sleep… No no… not that kind of quickie. The dirty things post was last night. [Though I wouldn’t say no to that kind of quickie… alas, John is asleep and I’m going to need … Continue reading

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for epic awesomeness.

Thank you Joana at The Great Journey for this award. I think this may be my favorite award of all the ones I’ve seen because it encourages sharing of blogs we love but no pressure to pick this many or answer … Continue reading

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real(ly) neat blog award (2) and liebster award (3)

I have been a giant slacker in responding to the lovely recognition from Waterblogged for the Real (please, RealLY!) Neat Blog Award. So… Thank you! [Especially since I like romance and cheesy stuff and I know you don’t!] And today I received … Continue reading

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