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am I?

When I’m alone with this I want to call for you but it doesn’t matter how much you care or don’t you won’t know what to say and that’s not your fault I count on no one not even myself … Continue reading

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disappeared. (haiku)

How are you today? I was okay earlier But not anymore A moment of calm Invaded by my worries Peaceful moment lost As if my mind knows I’ve no right to feel okay When so much is wrong I cannot … Continue reading

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winter’s revenge: a limerick.

Spring comes to life, blossoming under blue skies Summer brings the heat but humidity too high Fall is often a relief But it soon turns to grief When winter comes and everything dies Written for Mind and Life Matters limerick poetry challenge … Continue reading

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I am scared. I think my denial has gone too far but I’ve not been able to stop it or get out of it. Warning… colorful language ahead. I assume. I haven’t written this yet, but I already know. And … Continue reading

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untouchable. (haiku)

You offer your hand  Every night I reach for you But you are a dream © 2016 what sandra thinks (who cannot write much of anything right now…)

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your half. (haiku)

haiku made of two stolen lines… I don’t want the world… I’d never ask for so much… I just want your half. Don’t let the scary screenshot captured below frighten you… this is an old, fun song. I have no idea … Continue reading

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