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This is just more about yesterday’s post. Of course, feel free to skip over this if you’re done with me talking about that. Hell, I’m kind of done with me talking about that… I think I know what I’m going … Continue reading

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thoughts? opinions? advice?

I have a problem making decisions. I’m not even sure asking for your thoughts will help… but I’m going to try anyway. Here’s the thing (yes, this is about my shop(s) again)… as I’ve mentioned before, RedBubble has no overhead. … Continue reading

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professional disaster.

I’m sad about the absence of Fiction Friday. But… even if I was deep into another story right now, I’m not sure I would post it. I’ve already mentioned this… I have that nagging thought in my head. The one … Continue reading

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what sandra makes.

I’m a self-taught ‘graphic designer‘. I hesitate to use that title since I have no formal instruction… I don’t even come close to a professional… and I wing it with software I can afford. But I still do it… usually … Continue reading

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fix me.

after I give all of me to fix all of you will anyone give anything to fix me? ©2017 what sandra thinks  

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the cards.

Although it is, in fact, 2016, I still mail holiday cards every year. I design them, I print them, I send them to people I haven’t seen or spoken to in years. And I send them to family (some of … Continue reading

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away from here.

They told me you were dangerous but I was never a careful girl. I adored your devilish smile and your mischievous stare. You knew in an instant I was powerless. I was yours to take. Yours to have. I let … Continue reading

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postcard from paris.

A tiny piece of fiction inspired by one of my stories… K–         Paris is beautiful but I question my sanity. I walked past those flowers you love and I bought them for you. I know, you’re not even … Continue reading

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