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#coloryourworld 0111-0112 pink flamingo + wild blue yonder #cyw

Color Your World… pink flamingo | wild blue yonder       I’m only 12 days in and I’ve already missed a day. I kind of knew this would happen. But I’m catching up today… who knows what will happen … Continue reading

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This is just more about yesterday’s post. Of course, feel free to skip over this if you’re done with me talking about that. Hell, I’m kind of done with me talking about that… I think I know what I’m going … Continue reading

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thoughts? opinions? advice?

I have a problem making decisions. I’m not even sure asking for your thoughts will help… but I’m going to try anyway. Here’s the thing (yes, this is about my shop(s) again)… as I’ve mentioned before, RedBubble has no overhead. … Continue reading

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I changed my mind.

And I may change it again. I don’t know. But… As of now… I don’t think I’m going to fully stock my Etsy shop or make any sort of official ‘announcement‘ here. Not now… maybe not ever? Undecided. I don’t know … Continue reading

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more about the name thing.

[I’m not really freaking out… I just love this picture. How could I not?] So… about the name thing. Yeah, I really am posting about this again… Sorry. Feel free to skip this post! I’m not changing the RedBubble/what sandra … Continue reading

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I need a name.

I know the name should come from me… if I’m so fucking creative, I should be able to come up with my own name. And ultimately, it will come from me. But I need some ideas thrown at me. Not … Continue reading

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professional disaster.

I’m sad about the absence of Fiction Friday. But… even if I was deep into another story right now, I’m not sure I would post it. I’ve already mentioned this… I have that nagging thought in my head. The one … Continue reading

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what sandra makes.

I’m a self-taught ‘graphic designer‘. I hesitate to use that title since I have no formal instruction… I don’t even come close to a professional… and I wing it with software I can afford. But I still do it… usually … Continue reading

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