more about the name thing.


[I’m not really freaking out… I just love this picture. How could I not?]

So… about the name thing. Yeah, I really am posting about this again… Sorry. Feel free to skip this post!

I’m not changing the RedBubble/what sandra makes shop (at least not right now… someday, who knows). I just want a different (better) name for my handmade/home-printed stuff.

For years, I used a name derived from my son’s name. (I’m not a mean mom… I created it before my daughter was born.) But I wasn’t selling my stuff… it was for me or for family. And of course, that name is taken so I cannot use it if I sell.

I hate this whole process. This is the reason I never opened an Etsy shop. I started setting it up FIVE years ago… but I couldn’t come up with a name… so I stopped right there. And I’m still stuck there now…

I don’t want to use my name. I don’t want to use ‘card’ or anything else limiting what I sell. And, of course, I am not a cutesy person at all. I’m a dark person. I’m a coffee-drinking, music-listening, donut-loving emotional disaster. If you read my blog, I think you know what I’m like… kinda… mostly.

Here are some of the names I did like… but I already hate some of them… maybe this list will give a better idea of where I was going… or trying to go… or failing to go.

• inkling or inklings (too cute? taken anyway…)
• dark cloud or dark clouds (too dark? is there any such thing?)
• c__ and caffeinated or c__ and caffeine or c__ and coffee (c__ would be a word that starts with c and describes me. NO not that one!! But I don’t want it to sound like I’m a coffee shop… so maybe these don’t work…)
• two am (when I usually end up designing things…)
• ellipses… (I use them constantly… probably too much…)
• first draft (I have no idea where I got this…)
• aisle five (this comes from a song…)
• ___works (I don’t know what goes in the blank…)

Also, I liked sonofabeach‘s ‘graffeinated’ suggestion, but I’d do grapheinated instead… but either way, all I can think of is graph paper… and while I’m a math geek, it doesn’t quite fit for this.

Oh… and I also have a thing for using all lowercase letters. Maybe I have an inferiority complex. Yeah… maybe.

As I read through this post, I’m picking out words and phrases that I could use… but most of them are ridiculous… ‘inferiority complex‘… ‘lowercase‘… ‘emotional disaster‘… ‘five years‘…

I should have included all of this in the first post… apologies. 

©2017 what sandra thinks

About what sandra thinks

Sandra is a writer, sometimes blogger, poet, artist, emotional disaster. She thinks far too much and sleeps far too little. Sandra lives in the Northeastern U.S. but dreams of an oceanfront home in Italy, but she would settle for a non-oceanfront home in Italy. She loves books, brutal honesty, coffee, and the color black. She hates insincerity, beer, whipped cream, and facebook. And she is uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person.
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56 Responses to more about the name thing.

  1. My head hurts! That’s not a suggestion by the way.

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  2. Marquessa says:


    Now my head hurts more…😆

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  3. I like two am and first draft. Two am especially. It kind rolls off the tongue, it’s short and sweet, easily remembered, and most people shopping your site are likely doing so at that time too. 😃

    I was thinking last night that maybe have your site name and name the subsets of each item, like one for stationary/journals, etc. Of course, that means coming up with more than one name. 😳

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  4. Ok so I thought about the darkness description…
    “the dark blend”
    “midnight roast”
    But I could be way off. I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd sing about crazy diamonds and walls. Lol

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  5. I like ellipses. It’s simple and not a portmanteau that I’d read a million times before I finally got it. 😂

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  6. Meg says:

    Wee hours works
    Expresso Expressions
    Designated Designs (because you don’t drink, lol!)
    Wide Awake Works
    Caffeinated Creations
    After Hours

    Some of these are really stupid, but maybe they’ll help you think of something else. This is a good idea – getting everyone’s suggestions, even if you don’t pick one of ours it could lead you in a direction you weren’t thinking!

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  7. gigglingfattie says:

    OOO I am liking “first draft” or “two am” but maybe add the word designs? “two am designs”? “first draft designs”?

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  8. Lennon Carlyle says:

    You’re getting close…..keep working at it and you’ll find the perfect name. I’ll try to think of something but right now it’s too early. 😘

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  9. Priyanka Mehta says:

    How about ‘Cloudworks’ or perhaps ‘Lunaworks’?

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