more or less?

burnt: by the numbers.

Does posting a lot get you more followers or fewer? Does it make readers engage more or less?

[When I say ‘a lot’, I mean posting two or three or more times a day. Not ‘a lot’ would be two or three or maybe four times a week.]

I have wondered this for a long time. Probably since I started blogging. I don’t know that I’ll ever have the answer. Maybe there isn’t one.

For me, as a reader, I’m more likely to read/keep up with blogs from those who post once a day or less. [With the exception of mostly-photography/art blogs that I follow… I rarely miss any posts even if there are lots… because they are so beautiful. Ahem… you know who you are.]

For those who post multiple times a day, I try to read everything, but I sometimes find myself skipping that blog entirely because picking and choosing which posts to read or not read overwhelms me (especially if the posts are also long)… so I give up. I feel so bad about it, but I just can’t get to that many posts every day. And I rarely manage to get back to those posts later because they keep coming. I confess to unfollowing some blogs where there are too many posts. That hasn’t happened in a long time, but it has happened.

It’s also summer… so with the kids home, I’ve had lots of days when I haven’t been here at all. I’ve had days when I never even started up my laptop. That’s not like me. Or maybe now, that is like me. Things change. And I’m betting they’ll change again when school starts again in 3.5 weeks. Probably not for the better.

I don’t mean to say that bloggers shouldn’t post lots… as much as they want. Some are prolific writers. They have a lot to say. I might post a few times a day, too, if I was in that place. Maybe I’ve had periods when I did do that. I can’t remember. But now, I don’t think I’d do it. I think I’d be more likely to schedule posts ahead so that when I have a writing drought (like now), I’d still have things to share.

And that raises another matter. Recently, when I do have time, I’ve been trying to write because I’ve not been able to do so for a long time (and I hate it).

While my son is mostly self-entertained and self-contained (ha), my daughter wants my time… lots of it. And that’s been good for me. We’ve gotten closer than ever, and it has helped both of us avoid some inevitable boredom. And it’s forced me to listen to some music I never would have listened to by choice… but now I even like some of it. But that’s a topic for another post. A humiliating one, I’m sure.


Lately, I am largely out of touch with this world. The blogging world, I mean. [Aside: I know there is a term for this world but it is one of those words I hate… and I refuse to use it.]

For the past month, I average two or three posts a week. That’s not a lot. I have seen a decrease in my stats, but only overall. Obviously, I have less traffic on days when I don’t post. But if I look at stats for individual posts, there is essentially no change. Maybe I’m not ‘losing people‘ like I feel like I am. In fact, since 7/1, I’ve had almost 150 new followers. [And I have no idea how they find me… or why they stay… or if they stay. I’m sure a bunch of these are empty follows. I’m sure there’s some trendy-ass term for that, too, but I don’t know it and probably wouldn’t use it anyway.]

But the ‘losing people‘ feeling I have isn’t about stats. It’s about engagement… and contact. Comments seem pretty steady… from some of my ‘regulars‘ and some new people, too. [Nice to meet you!] But I don’t hear from people much anymore. I mean, through emails and twitter DMs and things like that. I know people have busy, full lives… even I have been busy (yet in some ways still plagued by boredom). And sometimes people just don’t feel like talking. Or they have too much on their minds. I try to keep from thinking it’s my fault. Although, I admit, I do think that sometimes. That’s kind of self-centered, huh? But I get sick of me… others might, too.

As usual (lately, anyway), I don’t know what the point of this post is. Remember those assignments from grade school where you had to read something and identify the ‘main idea‘? I always hated those. Maybe that’s still a problem for me.

I guess I wonder… More is more? Or… Less is more? And I guess I feel like the party’s going on around me but I’m not in attendance… and if I pop in, I’m still on the outside. It feels kind of all-or-nothing, and in my case, leaning toward nothing.

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Sandra is a writer, sometimes blogger, poet, artist, emotional disaster. She thinks far too much and sleeps far too little. Sandra lives in the Northeastern U.S. but dreams of an oceanfront home in Italy, but she would settle for a non-oceanfront home in Italy. She loves books, brutal honesty, coffee, and the color black. She hates insincerity, beer, whipped cream, and facebook. And she is uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person.
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69 Responses to more or less?


    I think more than once a day is too much. 3/4 times a week is more than enough! I agree with you… it just gets too overwhelming to read sometimes.

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    • I also feel like more than once a day is too much. Two things happen to me when I see that from another blogger: first, I feel like I’m never going to be able to keep up… and I don’t! And second, I feel like I must be totally inadequate because I don’t have 3 or 4 posts every day!

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  2. manyofus1980 says:

    I post a lot. An awful lot actually. I enjoy my blog and the comradery it brings. I like engagement too. I have regulars, who comment a lot to my posts. Sometimes I get new commenters, but more is more or less is more? hmmm, not really sure, I guess it has always been that I post a lot, so im not sure how much of a difference it would make if I didn’t. xo

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    • The other thing I wonder is how people have time to post many times a day. I’m unemployed and I don’t have time for that! How do people who work do it?? Maybe they don’t proofread every post 20 times like I do. LOL

      I just went to your blog… 20 posts on 8/3! I can’t keep up! I’m glad you have the comradery… I like that, too. I feel like I’ve lost some of it because I’m not here all day every day… but I can’t be. I don’t know how others do it!


  3. theacquiescentsoul says:

    I would suspect, early on, more posts would mean more exposure. Once the reputation is established, other people will share the work.

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  4. Hi. Thank you for giving us a piece of your mind and something to think about. I’ll go with ‘less is more’ I post twice every week, I don’t wanna exhaust my followers with a flood of my writings, I want them to wonder, I’d like to keep a sense of mystery. With my page, I post a poem once a week, since I am also featuring different bloggers every week, I get to post twice. 😊

    Hey, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would love to connect with you, I am Ragazza. 😊

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    • Thanks for your thoughts. I like the idea of keeping some mystery. I am probably far too open about myself here on my blog, leaving little mystery there… But I don’t feel the need to post my every thought either. I have to keep some things just for myself… 🙂

      Will definitely check out your blog!


  5. Depends on what you use the blog for. If it’s to share your life, then maybe less is more. If it’s for yourself – go wild. The worst someone can do is not read it. That doesn’t bother me, because I’m not writing for anybody else.

    Personally, I won’t notice if anyone has posted multiple times because I only ever glance through the reader. I have turned off most email notifications because I don’t click on them anyway.

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    • I get a lot of email notifications… but not for every blog I follow. And I also can’t follow back all the bloggers who follow me. I always feel bad about that, but there are only so many hours I can spend and I have over 3000 followers.

      But you’re right… it depends what you’re posting.

      For the record, I love reading your posts. And I’m way behind at the moment but I have a bunch of email notifications saved. I’m going to try to catch up… maybe I should go backwards… lol 🙂

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      • I have about 20,000 unread emails, mostly from WordPress, lol. I had to turn mine off. Too much anxiety. I only follow back the ones that seem interesting to me. In all honesty, half of the posts don’t show up in my reader, but emails aren’t any better. I have about 300 followers here, a little lower on my other blog.

        I get more views on my other blog – mostly the Supernatural stuff. I got a hilarious comment today that I will be dissecting. 😂

        Aww, thanks! Even if all I do is ramble on about that idiot guy. 😒 No worries… You’re not missing out on anything exciting. I go backwards all the time when catching up. I tend to at least like posts that I’ve read so I can see where I’ve left off. I need to get better at reading other blogs, though.

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        • I also only follow back the blogs that seem interesting to me. And I’m hesitant on the ones where I can see that there are multiple posts a day because I know I won’t be able to keep up before I even begin.

          There are some blogs that I’m determined to catch up on… yours is one. Even though we are at different stages of life (translation: I am older), I think we ‘get’ each other… 🙂


  6. Tony Burgess says:

    I’m sorry if I over post. I blog when the mood inspires me.

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    • No! Don’t apologize! I think everyone should post whenever they’re inspired to do so… whether that’s once a week, once a day, or once an hour! I just can’t always read everything. I’m probably overthinking it because I don’t know that people expect everyone to read everything they post. There are only so many hours… 🙂


  7. Meg says:

    I post less than when I first started blogging, but I think that’s natural. I have set a schedule so that the same themed posts happen on the same days each week. It gives me time to read and comment on other blogs AND have time to work on off blog projects! Blogging daily or more would get exhausting!

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    • I think your set schedule works really well and I was thinking of making one for myself. I kind of started to plan that out, but then I wasn’t barely on WP at all for a few days so I abandoned it. LOL I should look at that again.

      I always aimed to post once a day… maybe 5 or 6 days a week. I think I was doing that for a while. But I’ve been empty lately… no good ideas. Nothing interesting happening in my life or my head.

      I guess things might be different once the kids are back in school… and I’m alone much more. But I really shouldn’t spend all my time on WP then either…

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      • Meg says:

        I saw Beach’s comment about how it feels different lately and I think it does, too. A whole group of people/friends who were regular commenters and on whose blogs I regularly visited seem to have either left WP or are barely posting. So it feels like it used to be a big party and now it’s just a few of us left. Even with a lot of new followers, there are only a couple of them who have become regular commenters and have interested me enough to follow back. I feel like late 2015 through 2016 was the height of the ‘party’ and it sort of broke up after that.

        I also feel like there is a general creative malaise hovering over us – I’m reading long time writing connections of mine say the same things. These are bloggers who never have trouble coming up with posts and they’re experiencing it too. Honestly I think the political climate, global unrest and other bad news has created great anxiety and it is spilling over into even the imagination. Boy this is a gloomy comment… I didn’t mean it to be, but I wanted to express that I think it’s not just you, it’s a lot of us!

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        • You know what? As I was reading your comment before I got to the ‘political climate’ part, I was thinking that exact thing. Everything is more stressful now because of that… and bad news in general. Hell, I’m stressed about Guardians/James Gunn.

          I also agree about the party being over… it’s not like it used to be around here. You totally put it in perspective for me. I really thought maybe it was me.

          It’s not a gloomy comment… not really. Everything you said is true. I guess I just miss the way it used to be…

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  8. JBlaide says:

    I think it’s entirely dependent on the content and length of the post. I aspire to do one creative and one informational or “serious” post a day with decent space between them. It doesn’t always happen but I’m happy when it does. Weeks I’ve posted more, I’ve had more follows/likes/views and days I do 2 posts I usually end up getting a lot of traffic on my past posts too. Days I just do 1 I feel like I get lost in the shuffle of all the other content out there. There’s a lot of variables to it I think! 🙂

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    • I always aimed for one post a day. Lately, I can’t even manage that, though. My inspiration has kind of died. Makes me sad. 😦

      I think length of posts is part of it, too. If I’m trying to ‘catch up’, I’m often relieved to see shorter posts.

      I see more traffic on weeks I’ve posted more, too. I think that’s always true. And I like more conversation… more interaction… so posting more would be nice. But as a reader, sometimes, I just don’t know how I can possibly keep up!

      Interesting that you said that just one post a day makes you feel like you get lost in the shuffle because I feel that way about more than one post in a day! I always think that if I post more than once a day, people will likely only read the most recent post… and skip the earlier one(s). I’ve actually looked at my stats and that’s often true. If I post twice in a day, the second post usually ‘performs’ better than the first because when people see that one, they don’t go back to the one before even if they’ve not read it.

      And I guess because I get overwhelmed with those who post 3 or 4 times a day, I assume I’m not the only one so I don’t want to overwhelm anyone. But maybe that’s just me!

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      • JBlaide says:

        I think that is a really good point. I haven’t ever checked my stats of posts I did twice in the same day. I will have to look at that next time I do multiple in a day.

        Inspiration is a fickle thing and likes to randomly jump ship. I try to force myself to write something even if it is just a simple tag or challenge post when I am feeling lack luster. It doesn’t always happen but the intent is there lol.

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  9. You raise an excellent question. I’m pretty new, so I haven’t learned the secret yet. I fall in the 4 per week group, I’d say. The amount of people I follow is growing, but it takes a lot of time to touch each one. I am thinking the activity will pick up more in the colder months. Thanks for posting.


  10. You may not think that had a point, but I like that you are…engaging…yourself. I feel like I post too much sometimes. At some point, my shtick is gonna old, ya’ know? Kinda wear out a welcome. Guess time will tell. Don’t feel bad though. I know on days when I don’t post, I get next to zero traffic. 😃

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    • I don’t think you post too much… partly because of what you post. It’s different with photos. I feel like a bunch of long-ish (written) posts every day is a bit much. I get put off, and I end up feeling like I can’t possibly keep up so what’s the point? I can’t possibly be part of the conversation for every post so I barely feel like I’m part of it for any of them. Not with your blog, though.

      I think this post came from me feeling a bit lonely… a bit overwhelmed… and a bit jealous.

      I know I haven’t been around as much lately, but when I am, I feel totally out of touch. Out of sight… out of mind. I feel like everyone’s forgotten who I am… that I barely have any relationships here anymore… that everyone has all their best friends and I fit nowhere. And I feel like the only way to ‘fix’ that is to post five times a day and spend every waking moment here inserting myself into everyone’s blog. But that’s not going to happen… I don’t even think it should happen. But then I feel alone and forgotten.

      Yeah, I’m a mess.

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      • Whew! I’m outta breath just reading that. I get what your saying though. It feels different to me now than it used to. I don’t know about posting 5 times a day. That sounds a bit annoying. 😃😃

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        • I’m sorry. I know… I went on and on there for a bit. I’m just feeling lonely… and I don’t fit in anywhere… even places I used to feel like I did. That was probably all my imagination. I probably never belonged.

          It definitely feels different to me. Kind of feels like I’ve had a death in the family… except not that dramatic.

          Don’t worry… I won’t be posting 5 times a day. I’m already annoying enough… 🙂


  11. Rasya says:

    I just come back from a blogging hiatus and my stats and comments are pretty pathetic lol but my regular commentators are still here so posting less definitely affects stats and engagement.

    Ideally, I’d like to post 2/3 times per week but life gets in the way and I feel like it’s the same with my friends that I made from blogging. Everyone is posting less than before as other social sites like IG or Twitter are more popular and convenient.

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    • I think 2 or 3 times a week is good… even once a day is good. It’s when there are more posts than that that it gets overwhelming for me as a reader. As a writer, I’d like to post daily but my regulars are here even if I post less than that.


  12. prior.. says:

    Hi – I read some of the comments for this post along with the posts dnthst always adds richness for me.

    And I have s few thoughts to chime in with.
    I have had to unfollow bloggers who over post / but actually I have something to work on – I don’t get any email notices and so I usually only check on blogs of those who leave comments – or those connecting to challenges I belong to. I appreciate likes but most of the time do not see individual ones / I know a blogger who goes back and checks them all – wish I could!
    And your point about not spending too much time here is s good one.
    There is a vortex in blog land that can suck us in – because we are usually connecting with like-minded folks and it is just a social dynamic.

    I also think you are addressing the issue of momentum – and for me – in the past I have taken months off at s time. Very hard to find a grove again/ but it Worked very well for that phase in my life – (feel like I have had four major phases)now I ebb and flow and have unplanned pauses.
    Whew – sorry to be long winded – but I have so many thoughts on this – 😉

    – and my strategy for blogging now is to not look at stats and to try and not ever compare – we all ya d different content – and while some of my blog pals have constant parties in comment sections – ha- I like when I have quieter posts- with a few folks chiming in – many readers don’t log in or prefer to read and go and I value that because the token comment can be superfluous – etc
    And recently I had some identity searching because I want to write more about health topics and almost started a new blog for that purpose – but isn’t a blog for diversity – hm
    In closing – enjoyed your thoughts Sandra and I see too many folks burn out after having a thriving blog with party posts (so to speak) and so I guess my pacing is for health first and foremost

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    • Yeah, I should really not look at stats… but it’s not just that. It’s that I miss the interaction I used to have more of. But I also think spending less time here is good for me so I’m torn… I guess for now, I’m going to try for a few posts a week… and I’ll see how I feel with that.

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      • prior.. says:

        I know EXACTLY what you mean. And side note – i did not at all get the vibe that you were a stats person. I read a handful of posts here last night (had some down time to explore blogs and it was so fun – and yiurs was one of them – you remind me of a blogger names Sadie)
        anyhow, you can get a vibe for someone and I never felt the stat-junkie and you mentioned it matter of factly.
        when I mentioned I have to ignore them – it is something I had to see many sides to – because if seven people read my blog faithfully that would be pretty awesome – seven human beings with minds that are rich – ahhh – and so i know my sense of numbers is skewed.
        I also know that posts will have impact later – some will – or could – and it will never show up on daily views.
        ahhh – I have many thoughts on this and for me – just ignoring stats – esp. likes and # of comments was freeing and let me pist for me and not for views.
        not that I ever really posted for views – but I did have times when the energy was a party and so I know what you mean about your “interaction”

        and another side note (can you tell how much I enjoyed this post and comment share… ha)
        well i just unfollowed someone who posts more than three times a day and she was all clogging my reader.

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  13. jizziefire says:

    I only blog when I feel inspired.. I got an advice to be consistent but I have been dealing with my emotional problems and it hasn’t been easy to put the words on my blog. But yeah I prefer blogs that post maybe twice a day. I wouldn’t read all the blog posts if they’re more than three per day

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  14. Claudette says:

    I think the point might be regular. For some this means daily, for others every Wednesday, or something. But I’m not sure…

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    • I agree with this, although if regular is a lot, I can’t keep up with reading. And I couldn’t regularly post that much! I’d like to post daily… not sure if I have that in me right now.

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      • Claudette says:

        Yeah, me either, I do maybe two possible three a week during summer vacation. Sometimes though I have enough percolating through my brain that I will churn out there or four posts in one sitting (one day), but then I use the WP scheduler and post them on different days. That helps me too when on some days I’m just not into it.

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  15. gigglingfattie says:

    I feel you on the too many posts in one day. I definitely unfollow people who post multiple posts in one day. Especially if all they are doing is writing a sentence and hitting publish. That’s what Twitter is for, or Facebook lol. But I do agree, some blogs keep me engaged even if they do post more than once, but quite often they are the photography ones as well.

    I’ve been a horrible blogger lately. I have no ambition to write anything “real” so when I do post, I feel like it’s not even worth the time I’ve put into writing it. I tried the scheduled posts and it worked for a little bit. With my new job, I don’t have time to write in the morning and I’m too exhausted after my long day (leaving the house at 6:55 to catch the bus and getting home between 6:15-6:45 at night after spending 9.5 hours with a 3-year-old) all I want to do is shower and get into pj’s and watch some Netflix. I’ve stopped writing. I still read other people’s blogs but I’ve stopped commenting and engaging in the community too. I’m not sure if I can come back from it once my routine goes back to normal :/

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    • It’s hard to keep up with reading… and with writing, too. I’ve been stuck with writing fiction or poetry for a while now. I hate that. But it has also afforded me more time to do other things. I get super bored sometimes but I often thing that finding offline things to do is better for me.

      I understand how it is with little kids. Mine are older now so it’s not as intense as what you’re doing at the moment. I can certainly understand not having time to write or post… or being too tired to do it. And that doesn’t make you a horrible blogger! I’ve been blogging less… and I think it might be better for me.

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      • gigglingfattie says:

        I miss the creative outlet a lot. But when I have time I write (like today for instance) I have nothing to write. Maybe the break for the rest of the summer will be good. I’ll still post things like my nail art and the blanket I’m hopefully going to finish this weekend but probably not much else.

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        • I am wondering if things will change for me after the summer, too. I have had a lot of (welcome) distractions with the kids home… trying to keep them entertained without going broke (or more broke). When school starts… who knows what will happen…

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      • gigglingfattie says:

        Dang! Trying to click the text box and hit send! It’s good that you are finding offline things to do! And spending time with your daughter is so great! That’s what the summer is for! She’ll love the memories of you two together

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        • I hope so. I’d love to be spending more time with my son, too, but he’s a 13 year old boy… he doesn’t really want to hang out with Mom as much as my 10 year old girl!


          • gigglingfattie says:

            Oh yes for sure. I really hope that you are able to keep up the distractions after school starts! And I can understand him not wanting to hang out. Is he in the “I’m too cool for this” phase? The 13-year-old that I nanny is in the “I’m too cool for this” phase. Even on my last day before the summer started, I took them all out to get lunch and ice cream (omg SO expensive!) and we brought it all home to eat and play games, and she just took all her food and sat in the kitchen reading while the rest of us played Jenga.

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  16. Marquessa says:

    Posting several times a day? I can’t keep up with that. On Twitter that is the recommendation to get followers but I have nothing to sell so…And no its not you. My lack of communication in general is more of a mental break/get ish done situation and spending more time IRL this very hot summer. Opportunity to change a few things up…

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    • I think my boredom contributes to how I feel… even being busy with the kids… because I don’t really have much in my life beyond that. I miss the way blogging used to be… but I don’t have fiction or poetry to share right now. I’m really not sure what my blog is for anymore. Of course, I don’t know that I ever really knew.

      But I totally understand stepping back. I think I have maybe even been a little happier since I’ve been around less. Maybe it’s made me put less pressure on myself.


  17. mydangblog says:

    It’s a good question. I only post once a week, on Sunday morning, mostly because I work full-time, commute a lot, and I also write novels, so it’s hard to create content for daily posts–I admire anyone who can do that! I follow a lot of people who post several times a day, and I can only engage with them on a few posts a week, which makes me feel like a bad friend, but I’m sure they understand! I never bother much with my stats–I just accept that I’ll get tons of views the first couple of days, then it peters out over the week, but that’s OK. I write mostly because I really enjoy making other people laugh!

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  18. Hunida says:

    Ahh I really do post a lot. Always once a day & a lot of days it’ll be twice. I worried it overwhelmed my readers & i know you’re not the only one who feels that way… oops. 😫 I can’t help myself! I don’t get offended if people skip over & pick & choose which ones they want to read though — I’d actually prefer that. I know not one person is interested in EVERY post I put out.

    I think 3 or 4 times a week is a good amount but 3 or 4 times a month is maybe too little? Idk don’t listen to me — I’m a spammer lol.

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    • Aww… you’re not a spammer! You post lots of different kinds of posts so it makes sense that not all of them appeal to everyone. But I like to read your posts. I can’t get to them all, but I know you understand.


  19. jrvincente says:

    I go through waves of time to read blogs. My goal is to catch up and stay caught up before school starts. We’ll see how that goes. But I like your posts. I’ve said before, I feel like you’re very real and honest and I like that. So keep posting, regardless of how often! ❤

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  20. Miriam says:

    Hey Sandra, I’m only posting once maybe twice a week now, though I’ve never been a prolific poster. I’m finding it harder to keep in touch these days though I always love the interaction. Hope you’re doing well. xx

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