moody monday. #8

moody monday.

I had the news on all morning… so that sucked… and sucks… and continues to suck. Horrible. I don’t even know what to say so I’m going to leave it at that.

My daughter’s ‘friend’ has apparently really fucking lost it. Today was the first day back at school since the incidents of Friday night that I wrote about here. My daughter had as little interaction with A. (the girl) as possible at school. But among other little things, at the end of the day while waiting outside to be picked up, A. walked up to her and told her that she is a “self-centered brat.”

We still don’t know why any of this happened. But… within minutes of arriving home from school… the texts started again. More of the ‘self-centered brat’ stuff… more hate… more everything. Even a threat… ‘if we run into each other outside of school you know what’s coming.’ Seriously… from a 9 year-old girl. My husband is pissed. He wants the school to be aware… and he’s going to contact them.

In all of this, something happened that really got to me (in a good way). As much as he and my daughter fight, my son was all about trying his karate moves on this girl. He wanted to kick the crap out of her. For his sister. He was totally sticking up for her. I have never seen him like that… so protective. It gives me hope… and I’ll have to remember this the next time they start fighting and acting like they hate each other.

• • •

Oh… I think I finally have a name for my Etsy shop… yay! It’s not one I ever mentioned… it just came to me yesterday… and I think it’s right. I am not going to tell you what it is because I’m a bitch. I will ‘announce’ it when the shop is open for business.

• • •

Final assessment: I’m angry with how my daughter is being treated by that girl… but I’m proud of how she is handling it and I’m proud of my son for sticking up for her… for being so supportive. And I’m glad I came up with a shop name… but I’m nervous about actually opening the shop. 

And I’m glad it’s still Monday for 10 more minutes so this post isn’t ‘late’… 

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36 Responses to moody monday. #8

  1. It’s surprising how these little kids get so hateful.. it’s sad

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  2. Dude! This was fantastic to read! What a fucking terrific day! That’s great about her brother sticking up for her. When push comes to shove, they’ll always have each other’s backs. That’s a good feeling. That little turd needs a foot up her ass, by the way. A 9 year old girl acting like that? Oh, hell no. If my kid was pulling that kinda shit, I’d want to know, and I’d put a stop to it.

    Can’t wait to see the name you came up with. Way to go with getting the shop up and going. Not to sound condescending, or like a douche, but, I’m proud of you. Best of luck with it. 😊😊

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  3. Marquessa says:

    Yaass on the name.😉 Looking forward to the announcement. Wonderful to know that your daughter is handling it well. Yeah, I totally agree with your husband about informing the school.

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  4. Great, although the day really was awful otherwise.
    Good about the name.
    Well done brother for sticking up for sister.
    The more people who know about the bully, the better. They really need to be shown as the pathetic individuals they are.
    Keep up the positive vibes Sandra.


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  5. stomperdad says:

    I would be contacting the parents. If your kids have been best friends for so long I would HAVE to know why suddenly they’re acting so brash. The other girl’s parents may not even know.

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    • I actually suspected the same thing — that the parents may not even know. My husband said the same thing. I would hope that if they did know, they’d tell her what she’s doing is wrong… but maybe not… I suspect all parents would defend their own kid. But I am very curious why this happened. They were best friends the day before this started last Friday…

      But… I don’t like confrontation. I’m kind of scared to see the girl’s parents. My husband is kind of handling this anyway… thankfully.

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  6. This post made my heart smile, Lovely! YAY! So tickled about your progress with the shop!
    And although I am PISSED with that little brat that’s tormenting your daughter, it is a wonderful feeling to see how siblings who typically fight like they hate each other, come together when there is a crisis. It is a beautiful thing to witness…even if it does involve karate kicks!
    Love to you, my friend!

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  7. gigglingfattie says:

    I am SOO glad that your husband is going to contact the school. Sending threats is HUGE. And this girl needs to be aware of her actions. Like “send the cops to her house and scare her” aware.

    And your son is so sweet! My brother and I were like that too. Always fighting. But one day, this kid who was a huge bully, who lived down the street from us, said something to my brother about me, and then started in on my brother too and my brother literally tackled him to the ground and started beating on him. I don’t condone violence, but I was super proud of him in that moment.

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  8. Rallisblog says:

    9 !!! 9 years old .. if this is happening now, I can’t imagine what this girl will be like when she gets older .. Holy Moly. 😦 .. I feel for your daughter, i’m glad your son is sticking up for her.

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