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[Disclaimer: I am not a musician. I can sing. I remember most of the recital piece I played on the piano when I was 6. But I’m not a musician. I know what I like and what I don’t like and what will likely be the soundtrack when I arrive in hell.]
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h | hozier

I love this guy. I love everything he does. His voice is perfect (whatever that means… I suppose it’s subjective). I could listen to him for hours (days, weeks, months…). And I do. And when I do, I’ve had moments of awe… I’ve had to stop mid-song because I am so in love with the way he sang a line… or even just a phrase… that I have to play it again.

hozier  hozier

Hozier’s first full album came out in 2014 but I’d already heard his music well before that… about a year prior. The fact that I still slip back into my Hozier obsession amazes even me. It’s been over three years. The only other artists at this level of obsession for me are Coldplay and John Mayer (stay tuned… he is Wednesday…).

Whenever I love someone this much, I get nervous for new releases. I know… it’s ridiculous. It’s just that I want more music but I also want to love it. What if I don’t like it? It seems impossible, but it’s happened before. It totally bums me out.

When Hozier released Better Love (which was for the Tarzan movie soundtrack), I was stupid anxious to hear it. I was dying for something new from him… but didn’t want to not like it. No disappointment there. It’s one of my favorite songs he’s ever done. It’s beautiful… and you get PianoHozier instead of the usual GuitarHozier. It remains to be seen what will happen when he releases another album… but I’m hopeful. And impatient.

I’m not going to post Better Love, though, because I previously posted it (albeit 9 months ago). Of course, I highly recommend listening to it. Same with Take Me To Church… I just posted that… and everyone knows that song anyway, right? Right.

I had a lot of trouble deciding which song to feature… I went for a walk to think it over… to pick one… but…


I couldn’t do it. Here are two songs. If you don’t like them (???), I suggest searching for more because I think some of his songs sound and feel very different from others. Even the two below… I think they’re rather different. But I’m not a musician… what do I know?

She’s gonna save me, call me baby

Run her hands through my hair

When, my, time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave can hold my body down
I’ll crawl home to her


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29 Responses to music | h – hozier #atozchallenge

  1. Mary B says:

    The only song I could think of that Hozier does is Take me To Church. Thank you for introducing me to two of his other songs. He does have a great voice.

    Jingle Jangle Jungle
    #AtoZChallenge 1970’s Billboard Hits

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  2. Meg Sorick says:

    Oh perfect! Jackie and Wilson is fabulous! Fabulous I say! I also like In a Week and and Like Real People Do – actually there probably isn’t a song of his I don’t like! Love, I mean! I really, really hope he puts a new album out soon… I’m so glad H was Hozier!

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  3. He does have a great singing voice. I have to admit though, I got so worn out with “Take Me To Church”. It got waaayyyyyy too much play. That’s what I dislike about any and all pop radio. It’s not so much the songs, but how they’re played every half hour. There’s a radio in our therapy gym, and the station is always set to some run-of-the-mill Today’s Hits channel. By the end of a week, I can’t take hearing the same 20 songs any more. 😃

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    • I understand that. I rarely listened to radio for a LONG time so it didn’t happen to me. But I guarantee I played Hozier enough on my own that I’ve probably heard most of his stuff a bazillion times. But I’m obsessed and have a problem, so it’s different… But don’t let the one overplayed song deter you from listening to his other stuff. Or not… I’m not getting paid to market his music… LOL… I wish!

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      • Oh no, I listen to his other stuff. And I like a great majority of it. You’re right, most is different from one song to another, and I like that. I’ve told you, I think, about our local NPR station. That’s all I listen to. I know people here hear NPR and they picture the Schweddy Balls SNL skit. But this station is fantastic, and plays the best and most varied music of any station I’ve ever tuned in to. And, it’s commercial free! 😃👍🏻

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  4. I knew it would be Hozier. He’s gorgeous, isn’t he?

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  5. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Love him! One of my faves is Cherry Wine. Also It Will Come Back. But I love them all. I have fave parts too. Because his voice is aural sex and there are some parts you just need again. Like in Someone New. I can’t explain it but I listen close for it. Ok…probably gushed enough…😃😍😁

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  6. Sumzoë says:

    Hozier is like no other. Utter perfection. Literally, everything about his music from lyrics to rhythm is perfect. I’m so glad H is for Hozier! So good. I love all of his songs but Take Me To Church is my favourite!

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  7. gigglingfattie says:

    I love Hozier too!! ❤ You are so right that his voice is perfection. He's one of the few that gives me goosebumps when I hear one of his songs, Take Me to Church, that first line of the chorus, as soon as I hear it BAM shivers

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  8. Sandra, I’m familiar with who Hozier is with his pop “Take Me to Church”. It was really good to hear these new tunes by this pop sensation. Great “H” share. I’m running behind. Hopefully, you’ll hop over to check out Monday’s mewsic post & A2Z Art Sketching contribution. Feel free to join the dance party linkup! Your theme definitely fits in! 😉

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