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good timing on the snow day.

How convenient that today’s snow day happens to be so soon after I got this… The movie, I mean… not the guy. Unfortunately… Of course, it’s making writing difficult as I can barely take my eyes off the screen. Maybe … Continue reading

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bitchfest | f – frozen #atozchallenge

f | frozen I don’t understand the extreme popularity of this movie. I don’t hate it but it’s not even one of my top-10 favorite Disney movies. Yet it’s, like, the most popular one of all time. I don’t get … Continue reading

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guess: further detail.

When I posted ‘guess‘, I never considered the fact that guessing would be impossible for anyone who hadn’t seen any or all of those movies. So… since they are all movies I adore, I thought I’d offer some additional information. … Continue reading

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damn you, disney.

[Possible spoiler alert needed here… but these movies have been out for a looong time… so…] I shed a ridiculous amount of tears at the end of Inside Out. They were falling from my eyes so fast I couldn’t stop … Continue reading

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