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I don’t understand the extreme popularity of this movie. I don’t hate it but it’s not even one of my top-10 favorite Disney movies. Yet it’s, like, the most popular one of all time. I don’t get it. Parents spending hundreds of dollars to buy Frozen merch for their kids when it was hard to come by? Combing ebay like crazy people, willing to spend five times as much as they should because their kids are so spoiled that they have to have it right now? What is it that makes this movie so special? Because I don’t see it.

Why does one watch a ‘Disney Princess’ movie? In the end… for the love story. [If you’re me, that’s why you watch every movie.] Frozen has no love story. Ana’s relationship with Kristoff feels like an afterthought… and it feels a little forced. And no… the love between sisters doesn’t count. I don’t give a fuck about the ‘Elsa doesn’t need a man’ crap. I don’t need one either… but I sure as fuck want one! Frozen is missing a love story. Without one, I cannot understand the great love for this film.

Frozen desperately needed a better story than the one we got. Something was just… missing. Olaf is whiney and annoying. [Maybe I just really hate Josh Gad’s voice.] It’s too bad because Olaf does have a few good lines… he is funny. ‘Watch out for my butt!’ And Kristoff’s whole bit about men picking their noses… and eating it… ‘All men do it.’ That was funny, too. But yeah… I’m all set with this movie.

tangled | frying panLet’s take a quick look at another Disney movie for purposes of comparison. Hm… which one? [Do you know me?] How about… Tangled? Rapunzel is not waiting for a prince to save her. Girl can take care of herself. Just give her a frying pan and get the hell out of her way. And Flynn/Eugene was no prince. He was the animated version of the perfect man. But he wasn’t a prince. He wasn’t going to save her. In fact, she saved him. This movie is just as much about him finding his way as it is about her finding hers.

And it has a love story. Two, actually — the obvious one between Rapunzel and Flynn/Eugene… and the one between Rapunzel and her parents. Both are powerful. I was going to finish that sentence with, ‘for an animated princess movie.’ But they’re powerful for any kind of movie. Both make me cry every damn time. I have seen this movie well over a hundred times and I cannot make it to the end without tearing up.

Frozen? Eh. Other than a few moments of laughter, I was emotionless. I’d rather watch Tangled again. Or The Little Mermaid. Or Beauty and the Beast. Or Tangled again.


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41 Responses to bitchfest | f – frozen #atozchallenge

  1. I’ve not seen either of these. With all boys, neither were on the must-see list for us. It sounds as if I should be glad…about Frozen, at least.

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  2. I like Tangled better… I think Frozen tried to hard. Annnddd… Anytime a character beats someone with a frying pan, I’m game lol.

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  3. gigglingfattie says:

    Please don’t hate me but I LOVE LOVE FROZEN! OH MY GOODNESS, I love it so much. I also LOVE LOVE tangled and the little mermaid and beauty and the beast and legit every over Disney movie that I have ever seen.

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    • What’s the appeal of Frozen? I honestly don’t get it. Like I said, I like it… it’s good. But the hype that continues even today? I don’t get it. It lacks so much for me!


      • gigglingfattie says:

        I literally have no idea, and can offer no explanation other than the fact that I am a 5 year old and love all cutesy adorable little things.

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        • I have a love for Disney movies, too… it’s just that without a real love story, this falls flat for me… feels like something’s missing. It’s a pretty movie. I had to do a party for my daughter. It wasn’t as good as the Tangled one. For Tangled, the invitation was a tower with her hair hanging out (separate from the printed card) with Flynn/Eugene on her hair climbing up. I should post it… it’s one of my favorites…

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  4. willowwrites says:

    I loved it and so did my husband…though we wouldn’t buy merchandising for any movie. Frozen is different than other Disney movies…the love story is between sisters.
    The music was fab too!

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  5. Nortina S. says:

    For the life of me, I will never understand all the hype around Frozen. That movie fell flat for me. I think you’re right that there was something missing from the story. I also think it was trying way too hard with the girl power, sisterly love thing. And yes, Tangled was SOOOOOO much better. “Frying pans! Who knew, right?”

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  6. J-Dub says:

    Frozen was just ok. The song Let It Go is catchy. That’s about it for me.

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  7. I just watched Frozen recently with JP. He was a little bored, I think. It was nice but I’m thinking the one overplayed song was what made it so popular. He said Tangled was boring, too so I’ve not watched it, sorry. Many years ago I waited in line for Power Ranger toys and vowed never again!

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    • Inevitably, whatever we can’t seem to get our hands on is magically available months later…! And no need to apologize! Doesn’t surprise me that he’d be bored. My son liked Tangled but he’d have never chosen to watch it on his own… definitely appeals more to girls!


  8. stephieann8 says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of Frozen and I never seen Tangled but now I kind of want to I love strong female characters.

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  9. I agree, Frozen got the hype, but I couldn’t see it. Never thought about the missing love story, but you’re right. Of animated Disney movies, I think Brother Bear is one of my faves. No love story in that one either, but I have a soft spot for animals. Spirit is another good one. I don’t do princess movies–too sappy. These days it seems all the animated movies I like aren’t even Disney, or animated per se. How to Train Your Dragon rules, and so does Shrek (the first two). Speaking of, I was going to rewatch Shrek. Love the laughs and the jokes only adults will get 😀

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  10. Meg Sorick says:

    Didn’t see it. And only saw Tangled the one time. I guess if I were to pick an animated Disney movie to love it would be Shrek!!! LOL! I be a disaster as the mother of a daughter. “What do you mean pink?” “No fucking way are we painting your room pink!” See I’d even use inappropriate language too. Fail…

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  11. OK, I LOVED LOVED Aladdin. The genie MADE the story. Other than that…my fave Disney movie was Mary Poppins….Who wouldn’t want to leap into a chalk painting?

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  12. I totally agree with you here. I didn’t see the big deal, and it was irritating how popular it got. I did like some of the songs, but that’s just about it. I did write an essay for school about how Elsa had problems and that she needed some therapy after her ordeal in the movie. 😀

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  13. LaLaLander says:

    I completely agree. Some of the songs in Frozen were good and catchy when it first came out but Tangled is by far my favourite Disney movie. It didnt get the attention it deserves! hopefully the tv show will make more people aware of the movie

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    • I’m a little disappointed in the Tangled tv show… I guess I was hoping for something with storylines more like the movie… but it seems to be aimed at quite a young audience. Not a surprise, really, though… 🙂


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