I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost all ability to write poetry. I’ve written a few recently… but they don’t feel ‘good’. I was really getting frustrated and annoyed with myself. Finally, I wrote this [short] one without much thought… so I’m hoping I’m recovering. Unless it sucks. Then I still need some kind of treatment.


I let you
Hold all the power
Pull my string
And I run
To satisfy your desires
Now I want control.


© what sandra thinks

About what sandra thinks

Sandra began writing when she was a sixth grader. She is a teller of stories through poetry, fiction, and tales from her own life. And she thinks too much. Read, think, enjoy, laugh.
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8 Responses to control.

  1. Miriam says:

    You haven’t lost it Sandra. Maybe just try and stop thinking so hard and just let it flow. You’re good. xo

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  2. And she’s back! Love it and the picture!

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  3. Marquessa says:

    Nothing lost. You’ve got it!😚

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  4. Catching up… You haven’t lost it at all. Nice way to dip your toes in the poetry pool again. 🙂

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