inappropriate questions.

Well, they’re not inappropriate to me. But little is.

Once upon a time, when I suggested a few of these questions to Rob, he mentioned something about being careful with my choices because I’d have to answer them, too. It’s a vague memory that I pretended to forget… ‘la la la what are you talking about… I never said I’d do that…‘ But then I was reading Vic’s answers and I thought… hey, what the hell… the questions aren’t that naughty… I’ve posted much naughtier…


Have you been naughty and had sex in a public place?
Yes. The bio lab in college. (No, there were no biological contaminants present! We were horny, not stupid!)

Did you get caught?
Kind of. We were… uh… wrapping up, so to speak.

Sexiest body part you could kiss on a man?
Neck, just sort of under/behind the ear. Oh, but also starting over the heart, down over the stomach, and possibly farther. ‘Possibly’… haha!

Do you think we’d do something funny if we get drunk together?
If this is asked by Rob… I’m not sure “funny” is the word I’d use. But sure, yes, we’d do something funny. I’m sure I’d do something funny with Vic, too, even though we just met.

Do you think that you’re a good kisser?
I’ve been told. By men and women. I choose to believe them all.

How long will it take you to get there?
If I’m alone and have no time, 30-60 seconds. If I’m not alone, it depends on the partner and what action is taken in what order. But I prefer not too soon… but not so long that there’s no time for more.

What defines a sexy man according to you?
These are not all ‘required’ for me to find a man sexy… but I love many things… some are essential (like brains). I like ‘em smart. Sweet/romantic but also dirty (at the same time and separately). Affectionate/thoughtful. Communication is important… talk to me. I’ve also got to admit… I have a thing for tall, dark hair, facial hair (yes, please), forearms (mm, yeah, always been a thing for me). Also even sexier if he’s got great taste in music and if he’s a musician. (I have never had a serious relationship with a man who wasn’t a musician. I just realized that right now… does this constitute a fetish? Ha!) 

How and where do you like being touched the most?
Sigh. If he grabs my face and kisses me, I melt. Then sinks his fingers into my hair… with more kissing… then tilts my head so he can kiss my neck. Sigh. Also boobs… touched, kissed, licked. Any and all of those.

Have you succumbed to the seduction of an older man ever?
I can’t think of one… at least not significantly older. Plus, I often seem to be the seducer. Seductress?

Has anyone ever accidentally seen you naked?

What’s your ultimate fantasy?
If this is a break from reality… some ridiculous fairy tale romance… but with lots of sex.


Now you know far too much about me…


About what sandra thinks

Sandra is a writer, sometimes blogger, poet, artist, emotional disaster. She thinks far too much and sleeps far too little. Sandra lives in the Northeastern U.S. but dreams of an oceanfront home in Italy, but she would settle for a non-oceanfront home in Italy. She loves books, brutal honesty, coffee, and the color black. She hates insincerity, beer, whipped cream, and facebook. And she is uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person.
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58 Responses to inappropriate questions.

  1. The V Pub says:

    Men and women think you’re a great kisser? Now, about those drinks… 😉

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  2. maharedwynn says:

    Hahaha! Sandra these are great answers! You kissed a girl and she liked it? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha, nice. I think we share similarities.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. VictoryInTrouble says:

    “Sweet/romantic but also dirty”— YES! so much yes right here!

    I love your answers and we have so much in common, we would be good friends I’m sure. My public sex was also in college- in the library and in a public dark room, lol. I’m glad you decided to answer these!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Marquessa says:

    Awesome answers Sandra! Lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. maharedwynn says:

    Holy shit, woman! I thought my college days were crazy! Lol! Actually none of this surprises me except the girl stuff! I had no idea! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  7. mandibelle16 says:

    Brave to answer lol. Good answers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I would certainly have had to hold that back if my family read this blog!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • mandibelle16 says:

        Haha. That would be true. Quite honestly, I find it better to not have your family read your blog, unless you email them a specific piece. I wouldn’t care about my brothers too much.But My Dad got upset a couple times about something when I first began blogging. It wasn’t even about him, but something I felt and he freaked out. Now he has lost his privileges on seeing my blog and my FB page. Thanks for sharing. Your blog is great because it’s very relatable and your authentic in what you say 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Ah, so you came up with up some of these questions? I should’ve known! Hahaha! I like the whole touching face while being kissed thing too. And I would like the hands in hair stuff, except my hair is too short for that to be much fun… And oh, college shenanigans… those were the days!

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  9. Kay says:

    I always enjoy reading any type of Q&A from those I follow!

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  10. You and Rob making up questions, I just knew they’d be great!

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  11. Ha! Great answers! Those questions weren’t too bad. Nowhere near TMI material. 😃

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  12. Miriam says:

    Love your answers Sandra and can’t say I was surprised by them. You and me girl, we have so much in common. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Good answers.

    Yup…now we know it sl…Muahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

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