fiction friday 22: airport.

fiction friday. fiction by sandra.

Another piece of something I wrote years ago which, in its entirety, does not have all that much to do with the airport. I hope you enjoy it… 



He hurried through the airport. He quickly reached his waiting rental car and drove away. I’m speeding. I don’t have time to be stopped. I have to slow down. My heart has to slow down, too. How did I ever leave without telling her everything? God, I am such an idiot.

The moment her house was in sight, his hands started shaking. He needed to calm down – relax – at least a little or he wouldn’t be able to walk. He sighed at the sight of her car parked near him. She’s home. Thank God.

With one last long, deep breath, he stepped out of the car and walked to her door. A million thoughts raced through his mind. He hadn’t quite figured out how to explain himself for leaving. But it didn’t matter. He knew everything would be right as soon as she opened her door.

He rang the doorbell and waited. And waited. And waited.

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He slowly paced back to his car. She’s not home. He leaned against the door wondering where she could be. Her car is here… she has to be here. Maybe she went for a run… but I didn’t see her on my way. Where is she?  He considered a short drive to look for her but couldn’t risk leaving… and missing her.

He had to wait. And while he did, he again tried to rehearse what he would say to her. It was impossible. His head was too crowded with every memory of her. Every moment he was with her. And how ridiculous he’d been to leave anything unsaid when he walked out her door.

He turned to open his car door and sit inside. But before he could dig the keys out of his pocket, a car pulled into her driveway.

He watched a tall, lanky guy in jeans, a faded old t-shirt and baseball cap step out from the car. Though they’d never met, the minute the stranger turned around, he knew exactly who he was looking at. He approached her brother.

‘Tom? Hi. I’m…’ He couldn’t finish. Her brother knew exactly who the waiting man was.

‘I know who you are… nice to meet you.’

‘You too.’ They shook hands but he had to ask how to find her. ‘Where is she?’

‘Oh man.’ Tom had her smile. She was in his eyes, too. ‘I just dropped her off. I came back to pick up the cat.’

‘Dropped her off? What? Where?’

‘She’s… um… I just took her to the airport.’

My God, I was just there. ‘Where’s she going?’

Looking oddly amused, Tom smiled again. ‘To see you.’ He pulled a note from his pocket and looked at his watch. ‘Her flight leaves in an hour. I think you can catch her.’

Grasping every detail of her flight in his hand, he thanked Tom and jumped back into the car.

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A bit shocked he didn’t get himself arrested for excessive speed, he arrived at the airport far more quickly than he thought possible. Terminal B. Departures. He pulled up behind too many other cars. I do not have time for this! He snuck aside, parked, and got out of the car.

Before he could get inside, he heard a voice calling after him.

‘Hey, you can’t park there…! You can’t leave an unattended vehicle……’

He didn’t even let security finish. He just yelled back as he hurried inside. ‘I don’t care… tow me…’ He had to stop her from getting on that plane.

He paused only to look at the note Tom had given him. Gate 31.

Almost running, he weaved through clusters of travelers, glancing inside shops and coffee sellers along the way. Nothing. He reached the security point and stared in horror at the sign.

Ticketed passengers only beyond this point. Fuck. I will buy a ticket…

Panting softly from rushing through the airport, but more likely from his intense anticipation, he stared through the glass behind security. He was desperate to find her, his eyes combing the entire area looking for her. But when he heard a voice interrupt the serene airport music, he panicked.

‘Flight 1215 is now boarding at Gate 31.’

No. This cannot be happening. He could see the gate. And the passengers lining up to board. But he still didn’t see her. He turned back to the security gate. I have to get in there and find her.

I should have her paged. She will kill me for it, but I don’t care. She’ll get over it. As his eyes searched one last time, his gaze fell upon the most beautiful woman on the planet. Standing not even ten feet away from him. Waiting to pass through security. He froze and stared, watching her tuck her hair behind her ear. A moment later, he shook himself back to earth.

Still nearly paralyzed by her, he had to stop her from passing through that gate. He took a few steps towards her. God, I cannot wait to touch her again. Merely a step or two from her and unsure his voice would function, he tried to speak her name.

Deep breath.

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He stared as she turned to the voice that had spoken her name. He could barely breathe when her eyes met his. Her lips parted in disbelief. She froze. And he froze. And they stared. At least, they stared until the passenger waiting behind her grew impatient.

‘You’re next,’ he mumbled.

She broke out of her trance and stepped out of the line. ‘Go ahead.’ She spoke without taking her eyes from the beautiful man staring at her. And she took another step toward him.

He had to touch her. Still trying to breathe normally, he reached for her hand and held it in his. In silence, they walked away from the commotion of the crowds of travelers.

The moment they stopped, she let her bag fall to the floor. She whispered his name and nothing more. She couldn’t believe he was really there.

‘Yes, honey?’

‘What… I…’ She couldn’t find any words.

‘Taking a little vacation?’ He could not stop smiling.

‘Going to see you,’ she admitted, though she seemed certain he already knew. ‘You?’

‘Came to see you,’ he confessed. He let her hand go and touched her cheek. ‘My God, you are just… beautiful.’

‘Baby… my God… I…’ He couldn’t wait for her words. He had to taste her. He slowly pulled her head to his until their lips met. They touched and teased so sweetly until finally their tongues had to reinvent their beautiful dance.


When their mouths reluctantly parted, he couldn’t help smiling at her sweet, glassy eyes. ‘I missed your kisses so much.’

‘I did, too.’ She was still in shock. ‘Baby… why… are you here?’

‘Oh, honey, don’t you know?’ His thumbs gently brushed over her cheeks as he held her head in his hands.

‘Tell me.’ Her voice… her expression… her eyes told him that she knew exactly why he was with her again. But she wanted to hear it. And he wanted to tell her.

“Honey… because I love you.” No words he’d ever spoken meant so much. ‘I love you, honey,’ he repeated.

Her tears fell onto his fingers. He knew they were coming, but he couldn’t stop them. And through them, she smiled. ‘Do you know why I was going to see you?’

He took a deep breath. ‘God, I hope so. Tell me.’

‘I love you.’ Her words gripped his heart. He couldn’t breathe.

‘Oh God’ His lips again landed on hers. And he couldn’t stop. He couldn’t hold her close enough nor kiss her deeply enough. The way their mouths melted into one felt beautiful… perfect.

When finally they needed a breath, his hands sank into her hair and he pulled her close.

‘Honey.’ His words were whispers. ‘You love me.’

‘Yes. I do.’ They separated only enough for their eyes to meet again. ‘I love you.’

He had to catch his breath. ‘Oh God, honey.’ He ran a thumb over her lips. ‘I love you. I love the way you kiss me. I love the taste of your tears. And, my God, I love that you were coming to tell me that you love me, too.’

‘And I love that you’re here.’ She cracked the sweetest smile.

‘You knew I was coming.’

‘I had a feeling,’ she admitted. ‘But I couldn’t wait.’

‘Neither could I.’ He kissed her forehead and kept her head against his lips. After sweet moments without a word, he spoke again. ‘Honey?’

‘Yes, love?’

‘Let me take you home.’

She took his perfectly unshaven face in her hands and kissed him. ‘Take me home.’

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©2016 what sandra thinks

About what sandra thinks

Sandra is a writer, blogger, poet, artist, emotional disaster. She thinks far too much and sleeps far too little. Sandra lives in the Northeastern U.S. but dreams of an oceanfront home in Italy, but she would settle for a non-oceanfront home in Italy, too. She loves books, brutal honesty, coffee, and the color black. She hates insincerity, beer, whipped cream, and facebook. And she is uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person.
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10 Responses to fiction friday 22: airport.

  1. Miriam says:

    Loved this. What a great way to start my weekend! In bed. Felt as though I’ve just finished watching a romantic love movie with the best possible ending. ♥♥♡

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  2. Awe 😊 That gave me the warm fuzzies lol.

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  3. Mr Modigliani says:

    This took my breath away… I was right there with you for each word, each line, each paragraph all the way through.

    Liked by 1 person

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