weekly perk. #4

weekly perk.

It’s lovely to be appreciated. For what I do, for what I say, for who I am. In those moments when I’m feeling less than confident, I think of the things people love about me. Knowing something about me has made someone else happy? I love that.

But it’s important for me to also focus on things I love about me, as is the philosophy behind the perk. It’s a work in progress… and it sucks when something or someone comes along and knocks me back down a few notches. But I will keep climbing. Figuratively, of course, because I am afraid of heights. And I probably shouldn’t let everybody look up my skirt.

So… since some of you wackos think I’m pretty okay, I’ve been inspired (and indirectly encouraged) to list a few things about myself – good things… things I love about me…

  1. My sense of humor. It spans all ages (or so I am told). My kids think I’m hilarious. I have made my son spit milk all over the table (and gotten John to clean it up). Then there’s the dark humor. And of course, my often inappropriate adult humor.
  2. Cool mom. I must be pretty great because my kids are amazing. And adorable. Sure they want to kill each other sometimes. (Not literally) Hell, I want to kill them sometimes. (Not literally) But they are smart and creative and clever… I hope some of that comes from me.
  3. Pieces of me. my pretty pretty hair.It took me a long time to love things like this about myself. Something could always be better – that’s what my mind would tell me. But I do have lovely hair. And my boobs have always been quite popular. I will even share a photo. Of my hair. Not my boobs. (Sorry boys… or girls… or both.)
  4. Writing. I think I finally believe that my writing is good. And that’s really thanks to you. I never had feedback before I started blogging… and I really needed it. I’ve found lots of support here. I don’t want to single out anyone because I don’t want to leave anyone out, but I am going to be honest… I was going to write initials… and then I realized that I was going to say two of my biggest supporters are T and A. And, well, the mind wanders. And then I thought of two more who are also T and A. And I had to stop right there.
  5. The flirt. Once I get over some initial shyness, I’m lots of fun… and I’m kind of a flirt. Is that a good thing? (Those of you who answer ‘yes’ would probably also tell me to remove ‘kind of’…)

Also… this is not about me, not really, but I wanted to share… my latest ‘search terms’ (you know, what people search for that brings them to my blog)…

sandra's search terms.

This is not about me either but also needs to be shared…

You just wave a magic stick and the monster comes to life.

I kid you not… my son said that to me today. I lost it. And he asked me why that was funny… and I told him to ask me again in a few years.

I hope I left you with a laugh.

About what sandra thinks

Sandra is a writer, sometimes blogger, poet, artist, emotional disaster. She thinks far too much and sleeps far too little. Sandra lives in the Northeastern U.S. but dreams of an oceanfront home in Italy, but she would settle for a non-oceanfront home in Italy. She loves books, brutal honesty, coffee, and the color black. She hates insincerity, beer, whipped cream, and facebook. And she is uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person.
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46 Responses to weekly perk. #4

  1. That’s quite some kisses on your mind 😄

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  2. I’m always happy to see posts from you. 😆

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  3. Kay says:

    Lovely post!!

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  4. I loved reading this post. I hate to quote Barney, “but we’re all special in our own way.” Enough about purple dinosaurs. Thank you for giving us a peek at you. The peak up the skirt definitely may have been more interesting, but that is for private viewing anyway. If you only get one thing out of our friendship, I certainly hope i convince you to love yourself. It is the theme I repeat over and over again. No one is going to love and value you until you love yourself. Regarding your writing; you have a unique blog in the sense that you do not stick to one subject. One post may be humorous, the next fiction, and the next erotic. You keep your readers interested as you keep your subjects fresh. Now, most importantly, love the hair color. Your hair looks great. Makes me think those two pieces of the puzzle would have firt perfectly, but that is a discussion for another day. Love yourself, we certainly do.

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    • You, more than anyone, know that I definitely like to keep things fresh. (Come on, you totally set me up for that one!) And it’s a bit of a struggle to leave the skirt thing alone… but I’ve got to be serious… for a minute anyway. You should know that our friendship has already helped me feel more confident, more daring, happier to be me. And I know I can be myself… And people like me anyway! Maybe someday that won’t surprise me.

      It scared me to post that picture… it’s more of my physical self than I’ve ever shown… And I didn’t want to shatter any images. Glad to know it fits into the puzzle. 🙂 Unfortunately, I cannot post its softness or lovely scent… you’ll have to use your imagination… which I know is not a problem for you…at all.

      Thank you for your very sweet words… You do know how to make me smile… feel good about myself… and a host of other… um… feelings. 😛

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      • This post & your response made my day. Thank you. Perhaps, one day I can be your best friend, or at least your most supportive one. In my eyes, you are a sexy blonde butterfly, and I would love to do everything possible to inspire you to 1- write 2- love yourself 3- be yourself without fear. There is no one lovelier. And seriously, I am in love with your hair. Haven’t been able to erase the image from my mind.

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        • Mmm… see… my evil plot is working *insert sinister music and maniacal laughter* and that was just hair… Should I take a poll on what part of me I should post next? Never mind.. I already know your vote. Hey, I start out pretty shy, even worse offline than online, so I really don’t have many friends… and honestly (and I hope this doesn’t make me sound pathetic), right now, I’m probably closer to you than to any of them. God knows it is a lot easier for me to be myself with you… I always wonder if I’m ‘difficult’… because a lot of people don’t ‘get me’… at least not all of me. You do and you say the sweetest things to me. It’s hard to not feel good about myself around you.

          By the way, my stylist tells me my hair color is caramel and honey blonde. Loved when she told me that… it makes me sound so delicious.

          I was making waffles between replies and my kids have now eaten them… I need to shower so I can go see my hot dentist. (Yes, dentist story. And yes, I already have a shower one…) Thanks for making my day… Jack. 😉

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  5. You do have great hair! Totally jealous, I have 2-year-old-baby-girl hair! This is a great list! Pull this out whenever you get down. Oh, and remember M is one of your biggest supporters, too!

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  6. theturtle says:

    Perky 😉
    Turtle Hugs 😀

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  7. Eric says:

    keep posting. i haven’t seen any side of you that you wouldn’t want to show more (smirk). You can’t take a picture of your insides but I assure you they are quite lovely also.

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  8. You are just too adorable and funny! You, me, Meg, Jackie, if we lived closer we could definitely have girls night out and talk for hours, I bet!


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  10. The V Pub says:

    You’re a flirt? I would never have guessed that! Love the hair shot! Now, just turn a wee bit so we can see your eyes. 🙂

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