taking the leap.


My life’s predominant theme right now seems to be uncertainty. From major decisions [what kind of job do I want?] to minor ones [what shall I cook for dinner tonight?], I never seem to have the answers.

I dislike change – unless it’s a good change. Then I’m on board. Oh, I know you need the bad with the good or the good doesn’t seem so… good. But, dammit, it seems most of the change in my life recently has been bad. Trust me, powers-that-be, I will recognize the good and appreciate it enthusiastically! I promise!

In accordance with my recent life-theme [yes, I just make up words], I don’t know where this blog is going. Hell, I’m not even clear on my goals. [Oh man, I am not a goal-setter.] But despite my aimlessness and indecisiveness, my doubts and hesitation, as of today, I own whatsandrathinks.com. [FYI: I am warned it may be unreliable for up to 72 hours, but it is live for me.] I don’t know what made today the day. I guess I was in a leaping mood.

My unemployment [and therefore financial status] is somewhat limiting, so it is entirely possible that I have lost my mind incurring any expense, no matter how small. But this was a good change, I think. And I even made it all by myself!

The other piece of this is my decision to make whatsandrathinks an ‘award free’ blog.

Admit it – you’re sick of seeing how many different ways I can say how thankful I am to all of you for reading and enjoying my blog enough to honor me with awards. While I do truly appreciate the support and generosity, I would like to graciously leave those encouraging, motivational awards to new[er] bloggers.

Because I’m thoughtful beyond words, I’ll offer an alternative. Instead, I hope you’ll like and share and comment and reblog. [Doesn’t the world need to know ‘what sandra thinks’? Okay, ‘need’ may be a strong word…] And if you want to know 7 things about me, you need only ask. I’m an open book. Especially since I’m [mostly] anonymous.

I want to focus on my writing [of all kinds]. I do, however, need to share my time with my dreadful job search, to which I have committed a specific number of hours per week to preserve sanity and reduce guilt. Because, my God, I have been feeling incredibly guilty for every moment of not-job-searching. Even my fun wasn’t fun.

Of course, I will continue to be an annoying show-off whenever I earn a writing ‘prize’ – big or small [even if it’s for only 6 words]. And if you’re interested in hosting a ‘guest post’ on your blog, I would happily write one. On a topic of your choosing… or mine. Please drop me a note if you’d like to work something out.

I made a special little thank you… especially for you. Thanks for being here, for reading, and for recognizing me generously over the past four months.

Now, I must go. I have to finish my fiction friday post for tomorrow lest one of you kick my ass.



About what sandra thinks

Sandra is a writer, blogger, poet, artist, emotional disaster. She thinks far too much and sleeps far too little. Sandra lives in the Northeastern U.S. but dreams of an oceanfront home in Hawaii where she could learn to surf. She loves books, brutal honesty, coffee, and the color black. She hates insincerity, beer, whipped cream, and facebook. And she is uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person.
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23 Responses to taking the leap.

  1. Tiegan says:

    Yup. I would definitely kick it 😉

    That’s totally fine. The more popular you get, the more awards you get.I’ve seen how it can completely take over blogs.

    Good luck with your job search… maybe something in writing? I’ve seen a few job advertisements out there looking for readers for literary magazines, but I’m not sure if they’re paid (and if they are, how much).

    Just some thoughts.

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    • Well, a writing job would be wonderful but I fear it’s not going to happen for me. My background really doesn’t sway toward that and I’m too old to get further education or start from the bottom, so to speak. Yeah, everyone says you’re never too old, but that’s not true. I have a home and a family to take care of… I need to be around and I can’t spend anything on education, including time. And any job I take has to pay enough for it to be worth me leaving the house and paying for childcare…..

      And I’m betting writing jobs that sound great to me probably wouldn’t pay much… or anything! Where do you see these jobs anyway? Because I see squat usually when I look!

      Honestly, I feel physically ill every time I think about it. That’s another reason I had to “schedule” my job search time. I need to know I can stop… that I don’t have to do it for hours on end. If I did, I could seriously end up in the emergency room.

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  2. Visakha says:

    I hope you land yourself a job you love quickly!! 🙂
    (You know what you love doing right?!)

    I understand your decision to go award-free. Of late I have seen a lot of established bloggers do the same. Makes sense on some level.

    And finally, you better finish that piece of Friday Fiction for tomorrow because that’s one thing that’s got people like me visiting!! Otherwise I’ll just have to take your suggestion and kick your butt! 😀

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    • I do know what I love doing, but those things either don’t pay much or at all, jobs doing them are hard to come by, or they are illegal. 😉 Unfortunately, knowing what I love doesn’t mean anyone will hire me and pay me to do it. See my previous reply to Tiegan… I’m not wonderfully young with the world wide open for me like you guys! God, if I could go back… I would fix everything…!

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  3. Visakha says:

    P. S. Go to Amsterdam! Everything’s legal in Amsterdam! 😉

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  4. izabolinha says:

    Way to go girl 🙂
    Congratulations on taking the leap , you’ll see things starting to happen , now that you made the first move 🙂
    Lots of Turtle Hugs 🙂

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  5. I wish you all the luck in the world Sandra, practically I understand you need an income which will allow you to write, in whatever capacity, financial and/or enjoyment. I work night shifts in a residential setting – I’m there for medical emergencies or just support, but apart from hourly checks the rest of the time is spent reading, writing and watching crap on tv 😊 believe in yourself and you will find something that suits all your needs. Good luck in all you do xx

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