about v 1.0

Note: below is the first about page – version 1.0 – originally published 14 September 2015

Hello… and welcome!

It’s crazy trying to write something telling you who I think I am. You’ll see me however you want to see me a writer, an artist, a reader, a designer, a nerd, a baker, a music + movie + animation + television fan, a dreamer, a brain, an overthinker, a basket case, a wife, a mom. And pretty much always highly-caffeinated.

How could I possibly come up with a single topic for this blog? Not possible. And I’m okay with that. Better than okay. It keeps things interesting… and fresh… and all over the place, which, coincidentally, also describes me. I hope reading what I think makes you think, too.

I love watching movies with my kids. When my daughter was younger, we had regularly scheduled movie time every Friday. For probably 14 weeks in a row, we watched Tangled. (The best Disney movie ever! I mean, come on… who can resist Flynn/Eugene? Definitely not me!)

I love trying new recipes and playing around with old favorites (usually desserts… they go so well with coffee).

I love designing invitations, cards, paper things. I’ve done births, weddings, holidays, and birthdays… so many birthdays – 17 for my two kids plus 6 more for my nephew. So much fun and quite challenging at times… like the year my son insisted that his party invitation look like a custom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book. And, of course, the year my daughter wanted a tall, tall tower with blonde hair falling from the window and gorgeous Flynn climbing to his princess.

I love writing and reading. Getting lost in a story (my own or someone else’s) so deeply you feel like you’re part of it… the escape is beautiful. Something about the smell of books makes me warm inside. Or maybe that’s the coffee? Technology is amazing and I couldn’t live without it, but I could never abandon my nostalgic love of paper. Letters and cards you can hold in your hands and hang on the fridge, old notes and drawings from years ago and from yesterday, well-worn notebooks and journals filled with my own stories and thoughts and dreams, and books – old books, new books, love stories, cookbooks, children’s books, and that big fat dictionary I’ve had since junior high.

I hope you find something here that inspires you, entertains you, makes you think, or just makes you smile.

Now I must help the kids build a tiny LEGO kitchen.

Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned.

thoughts? talk to me.

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