when we met. | o/ocean. #atozchallenge

when we met. o/ocean.

I don’t believe in marriage.

That’s what Theo always said. But Emily never pressured him. She’d never even mentioned marriage. But the longer they dated, the more he felt the need to remind her. I don’t believe in marriage. She always felt that was his reason for breaking things off.

While absentmindedly skimming the alumni newsletter she received every month, Emily took a sip of her coffee. And she almost spit it at her screen. “Isabel Clarke and Theo Reynolds wed on May 3rd…” Emily slammed her laptop closed.

I don’t believe in marriage. She rolled her eyes. He just didn’t believe in marriage with me.

Swallowing back tears, Emily grabbed her keys and ran out of the house. She needed to get away from her laptop… her phone… from everything. She needed to go to the ocean.

Pacing slowly along the shoreline, Emily watched her feet sink into the wet sand with every step. She tried to focus on her footprints and ignore everything else. It wasn’t that she wanted Theo. It had been almost two years. But seeing that news still stung. She wanted to fall in love. But at that moment, she’d settle for turning off the thoughts swimming in her head.

She stopped and stared out into the ocean, hoping the water would somehow magically clear her mind. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and sighed. But she couldn’t stop thinking. And with her eyes closed, she didn’t notice the waves creeping closer.

When the cold water reached her toes, it startled her. She quickly took a few steps back… and bumped right into someone. She knocked that someone over and lost her balance. She fell with him.

Him. Emily knew it was a ‘him’. She knew because when she landed on his chest, she could feel his hard muscles under her. And when he held her in his arms, she melted into him. Oh God. I don’t want to get up. I don’t even think I can. His touch is magic. And intoxicating. My heart is pounding. And every part of me is trembling. Can he feel that? I can’t believe I knocked him over. My God, how humiliating. Why is this my life?

As she turned to push herself off him, she finally managed words. “I’m so sorry. I…” But after barely speaking, she froze, hands on his warm bare chest, staring into the most velvety dark chocolate brown eyes God ever created.

Sebastian saw her jumping back from the water, but he didn’t have a chance to react before she knocked him over. Or maybe somewhere inside him, something told him not to react. Because she was magic. How else could she make his heart race before she even touched him? Before he saw her eyes? But that’s what she did.

When they crashed onto the sand together, he instinctively held her in his arms. And his heart went mad. My God. What is happening? Am I having a heart attack? I can feel her inside me. Everywhere. Definitely magic. She slowly turned in his arms and rested her hands on his chest. Presumably to push herself up. But that didn’t happen. Her apology barely fell from her lips before she fell silent. And he finally saw her eyes. Beautiful. Those eyes… so intense and so blue. And her mouth… oh God.

For long lingering moments, they panted softly, staring at each other. But finally Emily took in a deep breath and attempted her apology again. “I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” I am not okay. What is he doing to me? Am I having a stroke? My God, he is beautiful.

“I think I’ll survive.” He smiled and her heart jumped. And he wasn’t letting her go. But she knew she had to get up. She cautiously pushed herself up and stood. She tried not to stare as he stood beside her, but she failed. She couldn’t help herself. He was gorgeous.

“I…” She had to catch her breath before apologizing again. “I’m sorry.” They were the only words she could manage. She was embarrassed. Blushing. Still trembling from the mere memory of his touch. And mesmerized by the man that now stood before her. Is he real? Because he is perfect. His arms are beautiful. Tanned and toned and… oh God. And his chest… it looks as good as it felt. I want to touch it again. And his face… unshaven, rugged, masculine. Gorgeous.

Sebastian caught himself staring at her, and he was speechless. But not in his head. His mind had plenty of things to say. God, look at her. She is beautiful. I could stare into her eyes for hours. And her mouth… damn. I’m not sure I’m going to come back from this. I want to hold her again. Just as he was finally going to attempt speaking, a long wispy strand of hair flew across her face and she reached up to push it away. That simple act thoroughly captivated him. God help me. Is she real? I need to say something. Anything. I don’t want her to walk away from me.

Emily watched him nervously. He’s not saying anything. Should I go? But his eyes want me to stay. Or I’m losing my mind. She sighed softly, hoping her heart and lungs would resume normal functioning.

With a deep breath that wasn’t as calming as he’d hoped, Sebastian finally spoke. “You can make it up to me…” He smiled again and adored the look he saw in her eyes.

“How can I do that?” Because I’ll do anything.

You can push me down and get on top of me again. “You can have dinner with me.”

And possibly breakfast.


p.s. — If only my visits to the ocean went like this…

Hot guy: You know who it is. (Italian model Simone Bredariol)

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8 Responses to when we met. | o/ocean. #atozchallenge

  1. mydangblog says:

    Perfect! Whenever a door closes, a gorgeous muscular window opens:-)

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  2. Storyteller says:

    Love your stories. Short and always with some amazing guy you just happen to bump into. ⛱❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Carol anne says:

    How cute! What an ending! Loved it! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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