the first year.

This year will be (might be?) the first year since I started blogging that I’m not going to do the A to Z challenge.


I come up with some genius, simple idea in the next few days. I’m not feeling hopeful. In fact, with current events being as they are, I’m feeling pretty dismal.

But let’s review…

In 2016, I wrote 26 poems. Damn, those were the days. The ones where I could write. I guess I’m dead inside now.


In 2017, I was insane and I did two themes… music and bitchfest. I probably should have saved one of those for this year. But, really, who knew I’d be incapable of writing just three short years later? Well, really two long years later as this slump has been going on for a fucking long-ass time.

#atozchallenge 2017 | music | what sandra thinks

#atozchallenge 2017 | bitchfest | what sandra thinks

In 2018, I wrote a piece of fiction called ‘Dear Diary‘. I loved this one. Again, back in the days when I could write. *Sigh*

In 2019, I was already in the writing slump I’m still stuck in today. So… I wrote whatever. ‘I was just thinking…’

I was just thinking | whatsandrathinks

And here we are in 2020. The year hasn’t been great so far.

My kids’ schools are currently closed until at least April 7th. Rumor has it school could even end up closed for the rest of the school year. Bars and restaurants have to shut down. Well, restaurants can do take out/delivery only. Gatherings of more than 25 people (in any setting, public or private) are banned. Though not required, residents are encouraged to stay home as much as possible.

People are freaking the fuck out… buying up all sorts of things. I’m sure it’s been on the news, so you know. I just want my Jif reduced fat creamy peanut butter, for fuck’s sake. Leave me one damn jar, a-holes!

Want a kid update? No? I didn’t think so. Here goes.

My son has some work for school through Google Classroom for a few of his classes. My daughter has some, too, but not much. I hope their teachers step it up and continue to ‘teach‘ as best they can even while schools are closed. Plus, having schoolwork to do while home will be good for the kids. And for me.

My daughter fell twice in gym class a week ago and injured her knee. I had to take her to get it checked out and x-rayed. Yes, I was in a healthcare facility as recently as last week. Awesome. X-ray was clear but she has crutches. She’s doing better now. At least she won’t be having gym class for a while so she won’t re-injure it. I just looked on the bright side! Woo!

My son currently has a 98 average in his Honors Biology class and a 99 in Honors Geometry. Yay science! Yay math! In other news, my son is now 15 years old and is 1.5 inches taller than I am. And I’m not short! But I feel short now.


I don’t know about the A to Z challenge. I want to do it… I’m just not sure I can. I certainly don’t have a theme… or even any ideas. But doing it would take my mind off other things. I think it would be good for me. But I’ve got nothing.

M – You’ve helped me before… got any genius ideas for me?? You’re the best!

In closing, I hope you are all safe and healthy. And if I can find a way, I’ll be here for all of April. Then you can stop missing me and I’ll brighten all of your days. At least for a month.


p.s. — Wash your hands and don’t touch your face. I’m serious.


©2020 what sandra thinks

About what sandra thinks

Sandra is a writer, sometimes blogger, poet, artist, emotional disaster. She thinks far too much and sleeps far too little. Sandra lives in the Northeastern U.S. but dreams of an oceanfront home in Italy, but she would settle for a non-oceanfront home in Italy. She loves books, brutal honesty, coffee, and the color black. She hates insincerity, beer, whipped cream, and facebook. And she is uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person.
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27 Responses to the first year.

  1. gigglingfattie says:

    Oh man I struggled this year as well with finding a topic. I’m just doing the same as last year basically lol

    Our school is closed for three weeks and we are required to do full lessons online for two weeks. The first week is our spring break lol. So instead of taking my “March break” I am putting together lessons and slides and videos for my students and then hopefully have two weeks of relaxing mostly. I have all my slides set up for the first week just from today. And then I will start making my videos soon. Hopefully your children’s school will do the same!

    Stay safe and healthy!

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    • It’s crazy. At first, school was closed for a week. Then two weeks. Now, the governor of our state requires at least three weeks. “At least…” My kids’ spring break was supposed to be April 20-24 but if they are back in school by then, I’m guessing they’ll skip that break. Which is fine… but they might not even be back in school. Who knows?

      I’d love to come up with something for A to Z. I need the distraction!

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      • gigglingfattie says:

        I really hope all we need is 3 weeks off. But I do have all the books at home I need to do lessons from home. If all else fails we could open the school for selective times for parents to pick up supplies for their children to continue lessons from home. Another province has closed schools for the rest of the year. They will open in September again. Like WO

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        • What I want to know is what happens to the kids if school is closed for the rest of the year. They’re approaching the end of their 3rd quarter… I wouldn’t think they’d make them repeat their current grade. That’s nuts! This whole situation is nuts.

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          • gigglingfattie says:

            One of our provinces closed their schools for the rest of the year today. The just said everyone will move up a grade. But think of the last three months of lessons? All those students aren’t going to learn that material and will be behind in knowledge for the next year. Thankfully we have google classroom and I could legitimately get my students to grade knowledge by the end of the year. 100% just by online lessons lol

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            • That’s why I’m hoping my kids’ teachers step it up with Google classroom or whatever else they want to use. I know the teachers had no time to prepare for even three weeks, let alone the rest of the year. But I really don’t want my kids to miss out on so much.

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              • gigglingfattie says:

                We had one day. Like it was announced Thursday at 4 that public schools would close for two weeks after the break (which started today) and then by 5 I had an email from our board of directors saying the same for us. So we had to send everything home on Friday that we need for those two weeks. Thankfully we work out of workbooks for almost all our subjects so it’s easy to just be like “here are your workbooks, do these pages”

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  2. Never mind the A to Z, you just wrote an interesting and enjoyable post. Whether you come up with an idea or not, stay safe.
    How about haiku?

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  3. Same situation here…though I have to go in to work. Which, frankly, is kinda scary. Great advice on your p.s.

    As far what to write about? I have no clue. But, I sure do hope you come back for a while. 😊😊

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    • It’s awful. My husband still has to go to work, too. I just want this to all be over, but it seems to only be getting worse. 😦

      I’d like to do the April a-to-z thing because I do need something to take my mind off other stuff. I just need some ideas. Maybe something will come to me in my sleep or something…

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  4. M says:

    Hey you! Great to see a post from you. 🙂 I agree that this entire situation is crazy but I’m trying my best to look on the bright side (which is hard when we are all basically confined for 2 weeks). If you were calling me out in your post, yup, I may have a few ideas that I could DM you… 🙂 As for me, I’m going to recycle an older project.

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    • Oh yeah, I was calling you out! You’ve always been a great help to me. I only hate that I doubt I’ve ever helped you in return.

      I wish this whole confinement thing was going to be over in two weeks, but we’re looking at a minimum of three weeks right now… probably more. *sigh*

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      • M says:

        Yeah, I have a feeling that it’s going to be longer than expected. And I knew you were calling me out! 🙂 I was going to DM you some ideas but I’ll post some here in case some of your readers may want a few possible ideas. You can ignore those that may be too similar to what you’ve already done: 26 of your favorite things, 26 favorite recipes, 26 pieces of the worst advice you’ve ever gotten…I will DM a secret idea that could work well for you… 🙂

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  5. Welcome back, again. 🙂 Blogging isn’t simple. In 2017, I lost track of how much I posted. The beginning of 2018 seemed promising until August. Now, I’m lucky if I post once a month. Somehow I’ve lost the motivation. I think it’s situational. Where are we compared to where we were in 2016 when we posted X amount of posts. Tap into that. I know I’m trying. ❤

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    • I’m with you. I don’t know the exact times when my motivation and writing died… but it’s been gone for quite a while. I just know that my general well-being seemed better when I was writing more… but I can’t seem to get it back. I hope your motivation returns. ♥


  6. jrvincente says:

    How about the A to Zs of not being able to write? How Frustrating it is. How Infuriating. How you’ve Tried so many things? One or two lines will do. I would totally empathize. Good luck!

    And yes, school closures are frustrating. *sigh*

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