coffee obsession.

drink you under the table.

It started when I was about 5 years old. I took a sip of Dad’s coffee (black). It was a little bitter but I was somehow okay with that. I snuck a sip of Mom’s next (milk and sugar). Oh, better for my 5-year-old palate.

Not long after this, Mom began a routine of taking us (my sisters and me) out on a few errands each week. Most of the time, if her errands brought us near, Mom would stop at this diner-style restaurant that became very special to us. It was our place. [The one we used to visit was one of three, I think, in the area. It’s no longer there. So sad. I didn’t think the place even existed anymore anywhere, but Google says otherwise! I’m thrilled to see there are still several locations not far from Mom’s. I see a little excursion in the near future…]

Sometimes, if it was still early, we’d have french toast. Sometimes, we’d sit at the counter
and have grilled cheese sandwiches. But most of the time, we had ice cream.

In all my visits to this place over the years, ice-cream-cone-jimmiesI’ve had a taste of a few flavors from my family members. But I asked for the same thing every single time I had ice cream there…

Coffee on a sugar cone with chocolate ‘jimmies’.

Ah, yes, this terminology may make it possible for you ascertain where in the U.S. I grew up — a fact I will neither confirm nor deny. [But if you’re coming for me, I’d appreciate a little warning.]

I hear stories from my 11-year-old son about his classmates mentioning their consumption of coffee. Which blows my mind. Jeez… kids these days. [Fuck, I’m old.] At 11, I was still stealing swigs from my Mom’s cup at best. By the end of high school, I’d buy my own coffee. But not too often. Even 17- or 18- year-olds at the time didn’t really ‘grab a coffee’.

Then I went to college. Not a big university… a small-ish college… somewhat prestigious. But I didn’t care about that. I cared about… uh… other stuff. And this is where my coffee obsession truly escalated.
coffee house

In my first year, I was randomly placed [with an awful roommate… God, I hated her…] in the dorm where the campus coffeehouse was located. How cool was that? Pretty damn cool. Not only was I in that deliciously scented place pretty much every day, but I also ‘worked’ there. I use the term loosely as it was a pleasure, not work… and it was an unpaid volunteer gig.

And as I volunteered away any hope of sleeping, live music would be happening in front of me. Coffee and musicians? Like, boys with guitars? Oh, and occasional baking (both kinds)? That whole scene is the closest to heaven I’ve ever been. [Okay, I may have felt close to heaven a few other times… but those are totally different stories…]

And so my obsession continued. I’ve even been to a café called… yes, you guessed it… ‘Coffee Obsession’.

coffee obsession.

And all of this long, drawn out sandra-history was just backstory for two things…

Thing one: I’ve noticed that every time a turn a corner, drive along a big curve, or go over a bumpy bit in the road, I instinctively reach for my cupholder to make sure my coffee doesn’t spill. Even when there is no coffee cup there. Do I have a problem?

Thing two: Today, upon returning home from playing mini-golf with my kids, I walked to the door of my house holding my bag, my keys, and my big fat iced coffee. I tripped on a step and fell. And I broke my fall with a hand… and an elbow… because I had to keep the coffee upright. Do I have a problem?

[By the way, I won at mini-golf… but my son was only 2 strokes behind! That little shit is gonna kick my ass next time!]

[Oh, also, I have a 4-inch long scrape on my leg from the fall… but that is all. I didn’t even bleed. Nor did I spill a single drop of coffee. I must be a fucking superhero. Javagirl? Hot, bitter and dressed in black? That sounds like me.]

Drink up!


About what sandra thinks

Sandra is a writer, blogger, poet, artist, emotional disaster. She thinks far too much and sleeps far too little. Sandra lives in the Northeastern U.S. but dreams of an oceanfront home in Hawaii where she could learn to surf. She loves books, brutal honesty, coffee, and the color black. She hates insincerity, beer, whipped cream, and facebook. And she is uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person.
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46 Responses to coffee obsession.

  1. I’ve done the same with other adult beverages. It’s amazing, our will and ability to not spill a drop while being contorted in a fall or trip. God save the drink! 😃

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  2. I raise my cup to you! I will join you in that coffee addiction.

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  3. I believe I will call you Javagirl from now on! Javagirl, you never fail to make me laugh. And right now it’s making me cough, so stop it!

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  4. stephieann8 says:

    I read this while I drink my coffee ha!

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  5. theturtle says:

    Javagirl I’m happy you didn’t break something whilst protecting “the drink” 🙂
    It shows you’re still very limber and your priorities are very well aligned 🙂 and now you’re also a super flying ninja in the eyes of your kids 🙂

    We’re a coffee drinking nation (expresso) and we’re always drinking it . I remember being very small , my mom used to dip just the tip of the little spoon of sugar into her expresso (that she drinks black no sugar like me 😉 ) in such a way that none of the sugar fell into the cup but it soaked up the coffee until the sugar became dark brown and give it to us …for just a taste 🙂 Addicted by the hands of my own mom 😉 but glad there weren’t any “child protecting services” back then 😉
    Turtle Hugs

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  6. Tea for me, not coffee – but my obsession is the same! I’m a demon in the morning – won’t do a bloody thing till I’ve had that first cup – would even leave a soggy nappy hanging at my child’s knees until I’ve had a mug of tea 😁

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  7. My coffee addiction started in my last year of my undergrad. I was like 22/23? Working 30 hours a week, plus a full course load at school and volunteered a few hours every Monday. Add in readings and assignments and friend time – I needed it! It started off pretty tame but now I love coffee. Korea changed the game for me 5 years ago when I first came over. Korea is very much a coffee country! And now they have destroyed me further by making me a Starbucks addict.

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  8. Lennon Carlyle says:

    Mugs up Bitches!!!! You are my person….swear to it! I’d done the same thing…break a fucking hip before dropping my coffee. I knew we had a special bond but this.This solidifies it 😂👍

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  9. Meg Sorick says:

    Oh that is an obsession. I’d have thrown the coffee and everything else in my arms. Then again I love throwing things! My coffee consumption started when I was in grade school. Too young probably but I had a milky coffee before school and then tea with Nana when I came home. It’s definitely stuck. Except now I drink my coffee black!

    Also, sorry I’ve been rather absent. It’s been rather chaotic around here. I’ll be in touch!

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  10. Funny story for you. I have two kids – nursed them both. With the first – pregnancy and nursing – I stayed off the java. With the second? Nope. I had a toddler and I was pregnant. I drank coffee. And had a couple cups each morning while i was nursing him.

    Fast forward to today- older one doesn’t like coffee. The younger one loves it. My bad. 🙂

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    • It’s probably not even related. Maybe. I drank coffee with both of mine, but not as much as is “normal” for me. Both my kids have sipped my iced coffee and they both like it. But I won’t let them have their own yet… 🙂

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