fiction friday 20: the massage. (part 3: the end) (m)

fiction friday.

The Massage: Part 3 — the conclusion. If you missed parts 1 & 2, they are here: Part 1 and Part 2

the massage. (m)


He lowered the sheet to expose more of me. One hand returned to my face, covering my cheek as he stopped our kisses. Eyes on mine, he cautiously wrapped his other hand around my breast. I gasped at the gentle touch of his thumb teasing my nipple. His expression held just the tiniest hint of a smile, and without a word, I knew his question. He slowly ran a finger over my lips and he knew my answer.

Without taking my eyes off his, I reached down to his waist and grabbed his shirt. He helped me pull it up over his head and he tossed it to the floor. I wanted to look back into his eyes and I tried. I really tried. But it was impossible. Strong, perfect arms… deliciously inviting chest. I had to have him.

I laid my hands on him and felt his heart pounding under my touch. Finally, I tore my eyes from his body and looked at his face again. His expression was serious and intense, yet still held a touch of his smile. I slid a hand to his neck and pulled his mouth back to mine. As we kissed, his hands returned to my breasts.

He teased me, playing with my nipples until they were dying for his lips… for his tongue. My head fell back and I let out a long sigh. Again my fingers dove into his hair. I pulled his head to my neck. He responded with tiny tastes and kisses. My grip on him tightened and I guided his kisses lower. I was desperate for his mouth on me. And he gave it to me.

He left a trail of sweetness all the way to my breasts. When he arrived, his fingers had to stop their teasing. Feeling his hot breath on me made me shiver. But not as much as the moment I had his mouth. His tongue toyed with me, stirring everything inside me. He could feel my heart pounding and he knew I couldn’t wait.

When he finally sucked me into his mouth, a soft moan fell from me. I had to bite my lip to silence myself. Mumbles and moans were dying to escape but I had to stop them. His lips and his tongue no longer held anything back, making silence deliciously difficult. My firm grip on his head, his hair, only encouraged him.

I bit down so hard on my lip I may have tasted my own blood. But I was too distracted to be sure. Or to care. I pulled his mouth back to mine and kissed him hard. His hands slid to my sides, his fingers barely under me, and he lifted me to sit up. My hands slid down his chest to his jeans. I anxiously fumbled with them until I had them undone. And gone.

holding on.

Our mouths parted and I caught his dark dreamy eyes again. Irresistible. I smiled for him and he gave me his smile in return. Without a word, not a single whisper, I slipped my fingers into his boxers and pushed them lower until they fell to the floor. God help me. Magnificent. He kicked his clothes aside and yanked the sheet off me. He stood between my knees, grabbed me just above them, and wrapped my legs around his body.

When he saw that I was about to speak, he stopped me with a finger on my lips. Shh. Yes, we had to be quiet. He leaned to me, kissing my cheek and that magical spot at my temple that made me melt. When he saw my eyes again, he stopped for a moment. I thought he was looking for permission, but he had to know he already had it.

Feeling him against my thighs was driving me mad. I wanted him. I had to have him. He could see the pleading in my eyes. The same look reflected from his. He slipped a hand between us, curiously searching for his prize. When he felt my wetness on his fingers, he let out the softest, sexiest moan I had ever heard.

I pulled his mouth to mine and sucked on his lip, gently biting it. But when he slipped a finger inside me, I released him and took in a sharp breath. I pushed my hips towards his hand, wanting more. Wanting all of him. He pushed his finger in deeper and teased me with his thumb. I pulled him to me and sucked on his neck as he slowly took his finger from me.

My little moan stifled against his skin, I squeezed him tighter in my arms as he guided himself into me. Slow, sweet, beautiful torture. I locked my ankles behind him, pulling him in deeper. Every hot, hard, perfect inch of him. My head fell back and my moan escaped. Was I too loud? It was difficult to care. And I didn’t have to. He silenced me by devouring my mouth. Nothing about his movements was slow or cautious anymore. He drove himself faster, harder, deeper inside me.

I dug my fingers into his shoulders and his grip on my hips tightened. I tried desperately to keep from moaning but I struggled. And he could see it. He grabbed my head, his fingers on my cheek and his thumb firmly over my lips. Everything about the way he touched me was intense and powerful. And when he buried his face in my neck, his hot breath set my skin on fire.

Consumed with desire, every part of my body screamed for him – every part except my mouth. As waves of sweet heaven crashed through me, I heard his deep, satisfied moan float into my ear. He slid his hand under my hair to the back of my neck and pulled me to him. Even our panting breaths were intense. My heart still raced when he relaxed his hold on me. He paused to kiss my cheek as he pulled away. The moment I saw his face, I covered his cheeks with my hands and kissed him.

He gave me a smile and took his arms from me. I stared at his every move. He picked up the sheet and draped it over me. I held it to me though I felt no need to hide myself. He collected his clothes and began getting dressed. I wanted to say something, but I had no words. I could only continue to stare. He turned to me, jeans pulled on, t-shirt in his hand, sexy little smile on his face.

“Why don’t you get dressed and I’ll meet you outside, okay?” His deep delicious voice left me flustered and speechless.

I nodded.kiss.

He tossed on his shirt and glanced into the mirror. After raking his fingers through his hair, he turned to me. When his eyes met mine, he walked back to me, took my face in his hands and planted a sweet kiss on my mouth. “Outside,” he whispered. I nodded to him again and he slipped out of the room.

I tossed the sheet aside and grabbed my clothes. Once dressed, I checked myself in the mirror and straightened my disheveled hair. Then I heard a knock at the door.


The door slowly opened and a woman walked into the room. “Hi, I’m Kelly. I am so sorry for the wait. We had a bit of a mix-up. If you’d like to get undressed, I’ll be right back.

My mouth fell open, but I said nothing. Kelly was supposed to massage me? So who was just with me?

Are you alright?

I finally spoke, but with nothing more than confused mumbling. “Yes… I’m fine. I just… I have to go.” I grabbed my bag and whizzed past her out the door.

I quickly looked around for Ryan, to no avail. I turned to the receptionist. “Is Ryan here?

Who’s Ryan?

Never mind.” I ran out the door and hurried down the steps to the parking lot. And I found him. Leaning on his car, waiting for me. He smiled and the look in his eyes made me blush.

You don’t work here, do you?

He shook his head, still smiling. “No.


He stopped me with a finger on my lips. And he whispered only two words before stealing a kiss.

Talk later.


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61 Responses to fiction friday 20: the massage. (part 3: the end) (m)

  1. Oh my! In my best George Takei voice

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  2. Whew! Very hot and love the twist at the end!

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  3. Tikeetha T says:

    This was so hot!

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  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! I just hit the floor!

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  5. Al Lane says:

    Hmm, delicious! Great twist in the tale too 🙂

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  6. The V Pub says:

    I loved the twist, Sandra! Very sultry!!

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  7. Nortina S. says:

    Yes! Yes! YAAAASSSSSSS! This was sooooo good Sandra!

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  8. Marquessa says:

    OMG! What freakin’ amazing twist!!! You need to continue this with what happens next!!! No end…

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  9. That twist in the end made this a great write. It sizzled, but your plot twist was truly amazing. No one was waiting for this,. GREAT WORK. This was a masterpiece.

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  10. Simon says:

    Damn Sandra, that was hot and sexy with a great twist at the end. That’s perked me up lol

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  11. mandibelle16 says:

    Great three-part story, sexy! Wouldn’t mind if that happened to this Amanda lol.

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