fiction friday 16: box of pencils (m)

fiction friday.

Hello my wonderful friends. I hope you’re having a lovely Friday. And I hope you enjoy this week’s fun little adventure. Mildly (?) m-rated. 

This should probably be for my 18+ readers. Thank you.

fiction friday 16.

box of pencils.

box of pencils.

I reached for the phone but hesitated when I saw who was calling. Damn. My boss. Ugh… I have to answer.

Hi Gary.

It’s not Gary.

Tim? What the hell are you doing on Gary’s phone? I almost had a stroke.

I think I want one of those. Mm… a stroke…

Shut up! Jesus… my heart is racing!

Oh, is this all it takes? You’re so easy.

Bite me. Is there a reason for this call?

Yeah. Gary just walked in. He wants to see you. In his office. Right now.

Fuck! What did I do?

Nothing. Yet. Just get in here.

I stood, straightened my skirt, and took a deep breath. I couldn’t imagine what I had done but being called to Gary’s office was never good. My nerves made me tremble on my way across the office. When I reached Gary’s closed door, I needed another long, slow breath before I could knock. But I never had to knock.

I heard the doorknob turning. When the door swung open, I could see Gary’s desk, but only an empty chair. Before I spoke a word, Tim grabbed my arm, pulled me inside and closed the door.

God, Tim! I thought I was in trouble.

You are.

What the f…

He grabbed my hips, pushed me against the back of the door and stole my mouth. He lifted one of his hands and pressed his palm flat against the door near my head. He couldn’t let anyone try to open that door. I wanted to kill him for scaring me. I really did. But his tongue was wild and hungry and I couldn’t resist him. And I couldn’t stop him. A million thoughts ran through my head, but stopping him was not one of them.

I laid my hands on his chest and grabbed fistfuls of his shirt. His mouth released mine but he wasn’t finished with me. I desperately tried to catch my breath but when he kissed my neck, I forgot everything. With one hand still on the door, he grabbed the hem of my skirt with the other.

I may have to report you… your skirt is far too short… how can I work under these conditions?

I think you’re doing an excellent job.

I felt him laugh near my ear. Hot breath and kissing, teasing, sucking. His lips were warm and soft and perfect. I raked my fingers into his hair and pulled his mouth back to mine. I wanted more. And I took it. For a minute. Until I remembered where we were.

I had to push him away. I had no words for him. I just stared at him – his eyes, so intense. I bit down on my lower lip, trying to hide my smile. But he saw it anyway. I could tell by his self-satisfied grin.

I have wanted to do that for weeks.

I gave up and let him have my smile. For weeks? God, I wanted him for weeks.

Weeks? How many weeks?

How long have I been working here?


He grabbed my hand from his chest and lifted it over my head still needing to hold that door closed. I parted my lips to speak, but he stopped me again. With his delicious mouth. And I let him. How could I not? He was irresistible. Impulsive. Fearless. Sexy. And I had been imagining this for weeks, too. Fantasizing in meetings. Daydreaming at my desk.

Is Gary going to catch us?

Really? I’m desperate to sneak my hand under your skirt and you’re thinking about Gary?

I don’t want any interruptions.

Oh… honey.

He squeezed my hand in his against the cold hard door and kissed my mouth again. His other hand slid from my waist up my side. Distracting me with his teasing tongue, he grabbed my breast and squeezed. And I gasped into his mouth.

Oh God.

Follow me. Casually. At a distance.         

I nodded to him and he let me go. He shoved a hand into his pants to adjust himself before slowly opening the door. I watched him leave but I didn’t move. Not yet. After a few deep breaths and a pointless attempt to calm my pounding heart, I slipped out of Gary’s office trying to look as nonchalant as possible. I saw Tim turn past the conference room. Did he know where he was going or was he desperately searching? Oh. He knows where he’s going.

The supply closet? Isn’t that a little predictable?

He smiled at my whispers but didn’t speak. He reached around me and closed the door. And locked it.

What if someone needs something?

I need something.

Staples? Paper clips? A pen?

My God, you are adorable. But… shut up. We have to be quiet. And I have other plans for your mouth…

Oh? Like wha…

For the third time (or was it the fourth?), he cut me off with his kiss. But this one was different. Deeper, sexier, more intense, more seductive. But he didn’t even have to try to seduce me. He already knew he could have me. His grip on my waist tightened as he backed me up into the stack of boxes behind me. I held his head in my hands. My God, touching his unshaven face was heaven.

His fingers slipped under my skirt again. Slowly, he pulled it up, and when he did, he took his mouth from mine.

Oh, you delicious little tease. You’re not wearing anything under this skirt.

I gave him the devious smile he expected. I pulled him closer until my lips landed on his neck. His warm skin forced me to taste him. I had to. My tongue slipped out and I heard him moan. Softly. Deeply. Only for my ears. I swore he did it intentionally to make me hotter… wetter. And it worked.

As though suddenly in a hurry, his touch glided over my skin from my hips around, behind me. He grabbed me and lifted me onto those giant boxes of paper. My mouth still sucked on his neck, but when his fingers snuck between my thighs, I let out a whimper. My teeth raked over his skin and I gently bit him.

His fingers already covered with the wetness dripping from me, he easily slid one inside me. I had to stifle a moan. And a scream. He knew I wanted him. And I had to kiss him. It seemed the only way to keep my sounds of pleasure… and approval… from escaping my mouth.

While his fingers enjoyed me thoroughly, he lifted his other hand to my neck. He tracing my collarbone so gently he almost tickled me. And when he reached the buttons over my heart, I helped him open them. His mouth abandoned mine. His kisses migrated down my neck, over my throat, to the delicate edge of my bra. With a single finger, he pulled the lace aside to expose me for his mouth.

My breath was fast and desperate. And though I had no idea how I did it, I kept quiet. When my hands reached his belt, I struggled for a moment. My brain had melted. Simple motor function was a challenge. But I unbuckled. And unzipped. And I released him. He immediately took his fingers from inside me and sucked harder on me, as though he was surprised I freed him. But I knew he wasn’t.

I grabbed his hips firmly and pulled him to me. And he pulled me to him. Without a second of hesitation, he filled me. He groaned again, as before, deep and sexy and satisfied. He was inside me, finally, drenched in the wetness he created in me. Gripping the boxes under me with one hand, I wrapped an arm around him, clutching his body to mine.

His arms surrounded me. With his hands nearly under me, he squeezed, almost lifting me. Our panting and desperate breaths grew faster and louder. When my soft moans began to escalate, he covered my mouth with his to quiet me. But the moment we reached the edge, he had to take his kiss from me. A deep satisfied sigh escaped him. And he mumbled through his panting breaths.

My God… that was totally worth it.

Worth what?

Any risk of getting caught.

I smiled and stood near him, hoping I could steady my wobbly legs before I had to walk out of that closet. He grabbed my shoulders and kissed me. With a sigh, he ran a finger down my neck to my heart.

You might need to button this…

You might need to zip this…

His smile was perfect. I stared at his hands as I buttoned my shirt. He zipped and buckled and adjusted… everything. I straightened my skirt and combed a hand through my hair. And I had no idea if I looked anything like I did when I entered.

How do I look?

Like you just fucked me and you want to do it again.

Tim! You know what I mean!

And you know what I mean. Same time tomorrow?

I said nothing but my expression spoke for me. He turned away and reached for the door but I grabbed his arm.


He looked curious and confused. I grabbed a couple of boxes of pencils and handed one to him.

Why do I need pencils?

Because we’re in the supply closet. And I hear footsteps.

We froze and listened for the steps to fade. Tim cautiously opened the door. He didn’t see anyone. With a tilt of his head toward the door, he let me walk out first. He followed. But we only took about two steps before we were stopped. I was speechless, but somehow, Tim kept it together. He lifted his hand holding the box so it was clearly visible.

Oh, hey Gary. We just needed some pencils…

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54 Responses to fiction friday 16: box of pencils (m)

  1. Absolutely loved everything about this from the grabbing the heroine’s boob to the everything else. Well done..

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  2. Loved it! Cute, hot, funny, mm!!

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  3. Tiegan says:

    I didn’t read it, but maybe you could write something for your -18 readers? I’m not feeling so loved with your storytelling at the moment 😉

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  4. The V Pub says:

    God, I need the weekend to end now!

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  5. Holy naughty office manager, batman!

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  6. What a sizzling way to start the weekend! Delectable!

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  7. Wandering Soul says:

    Oh my gawd! The temperature went up a notch! Or rather, a few notches….. 😛 😀

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  8. Love this and the fact they almost got caught would only heighten their pleasure.

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