what it’s really about.

I stumbled upon this today (post linked below) … and I love it. With my unemployment status, we have to cut way back on Christmas this year whether we make a conscious decision to do so or not. But so much of what Stephanie Bernaba writes in this post speaks to me.

Collecting experiences and memories is so much more important than collecting toys and trinkets and all sorts of other new stuff we don’t need. Every year when I’m asked what I want for Christmas, I struggle to come up with any suggestions. [Other than an enormous bucket of cash (large bills, please, and hold the bucket), but I’m pretty sure no one’s getting me that.] My house lacks extra space. I want less stuff, not more.

Even my children have trouble coming up with Christmas lists! Sure, seeing dozens of gifts under the tree is exciting and fun for them, but when they struggle to come up with gift ideas, that speaks volumes. They search the internet to find things to want! It’s absurd. If it didn’t come to mind without a push, they don’t really need or want it.

I wonder how my kids would react if I instituted a plan similar to the one presented in the post linked below. I think I might try it. (Though there will be no controlling what my kids’ Grandparents and Aunts buy for them!)

Source: Why I’m opting out of the Christmas rat race this year

When Christmas becomes more about presents than family,
it’s time to reevaluate the holiday.


Image: Everste/Getty Images


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8 Responses to what it’s really about.

  1. wwwpalfitness says:

    Hello I nominated you for a 3 day quote challenge. I hope you choose to accept.


  2. Maybe it’s to do with getting older but I find myself looking forward to Xmas less and less as the years go on. I think you are right if it were more to do with collecting memories and experiences than trinkets and toys I am sure it would be more meaningful.. I just collected my first Xmas memory actually. I watched Santa Paws with my grandchildren after school and we all enjoyed it. I took time to sit down with them instead of using the TV as a babysitter whilst I got on with other stuff. So glad I did!

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    • I find the same thing as I get older. Less looking-forward-to, more stress!

      Good idea with the movie. But I refuse to do anything Christmas-related until after Thanksgiving!! As it was when I was a kid! 😀

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      • Happy Thanksgiving! From what I understand of it that is a real family celebration so I hope you have a lovely time. Christmas can put a lot of pressure on people can’t it? If things are not right in your life Christmas seems to highlight it. A great shame that the real meaning of Christmas got lost somewhere along the line.

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  3. helendep says:

    I’ll have the bucket if you don’t want it! I couldn’t agree more about the christmas gifts…I love the tree – which has the weirdest assortment of decorations we’ve collected over the years – and I love the games we play. My kids are young adults now but their 7 cousins range down to 5 years old so we play ridiculous games in mixed-age teams.


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