he had me at latte.

I have two children and one husband. So, three children. Cartoon Network (CN) is the most watched network in our home. While the shows (except for the Adult Swim block) are generally aimed at kids, some have distinct adult-appeal as well. (God, no, not that kind of adult-appeal!) Shows like Clarence, Steven Universe, and especially Regular Show have elements clearly incorporated to appeal to the parents of their target audience. Regular Show had an episode strikingly similar to The Breakfast Club. Clarence featured the old Atari game, Adventure, that I played as a kid. Those allusions were lost on my kids but quite amusing to my husband and me.

But our favorite CN show has been on the air for a mere four months…

We Bare Bears [created by Daniel Chong] premiered on Cartoon Network on July 27th of this year. After seeing the now-infamous bearstack in promos all over other CN series, we eagerly awaited this new show. Look how cute they are!


The characters, three bears (brothers) – a grizzly bear (‘Grizz’), a panda bear (‘Panda’), and a polar bear (‘Ice Bear’), try to fit into human society in the San Francisco area. The earlier web-comics from which the show was developed are a tad more violent than what is aired on CN. But nothing is lost.

Grizz, the eldest bear, tends to take charge but usually gets the bears into problematic situations. Panda, voiced by SNL’s Bobby Moynihan, is obsessed with his phone and the internet, and he’s desperate to find love. And Ice Bear. Oh, Ice Bear.

Ice Bear speaks in the third person. While superbly annoying when Elmo does it, Ice Bear is hilarious and charming. And a little scary (in the most dryly humorous way). He sleeps in the fridge. He has an axe that he uses for everyday tasks like ice sculpting and slicing steak. Yet he is the bear who does the cooking, the cleaning, the protecting of his brothers. He’s like, mom. With an axe.

ice bear needs latte.

My children say I’m just like Ice Bear. But I do not speak in third person. Nor do I have an axe.

Ice Bear’s lines may not seem exceptionally funny to read, but his delivery is perfect.

Ice Bear hates butts.
Ice Bear regrets eating that.
Ice Bear smells like clean babies.
Ice Bear needs it for everyday hustling.

Among the 24 episodes of season 1 aired to date, Jean Jacket is a favorite. I also recommend Our Stuff and Food Truck, and for a flashback to the bears’ earlier days (they are adorable cubs), The Road. I love that this series is kid-appropriate yet is as entertaining to me as any shows geared for my own age group. Even before its television premiere, we were treated to this short. We laughed. A lot. How could we resist these bears?

Watch this show!  Check local listings. Visit cartoonnetwork.com. Set your DVR.

My daughter insisted on the Bears as her birthday party theme. I’ll load some photos soon in a separate post! 

A few more links:
We Bare Bears Wikipedia page
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Jean Jacket clip


~Writing 101: day 12

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! *cough choke cough* HAHAHAHAHA! Dude. DUDE. I’m finding this cartoon online and downloading it. This is hilarious! And great post! 😀

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