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guilt and regret.

Both… totally useless. But how does one overcome them? This is not an instructional post. I have no fucking idea how to overcome them. I can tell you how they overcome me, though. I hold onto guilt and regret for-fucking-ever. … Continue reading

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Where We’d Take an Alien, in 6 Words (Coach Daddy reblog).

I participated in this fun little challenge (little in word count, anyway)… and I encourage you to stop by Eli’s and have a look. I thought this was a great question… I certainly never would have thought of it! I … Continue reading

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six degrees… While he was filming a movie in my town, I met… Adam Sandler who was in Anger Management with Jack Nicholson who was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon So… if Jack Nicholson’s Bacon number is … Continue reading

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fiction tuesday 60: back to you. part 6.

I’m still not sold on ‘fiction tuesday’ but what’s a girl to do? I really wanted a new day.  I hope you’re enjoying the story…   back to you. part 6. [previous: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part … Continue reading

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the search.

If she never found the man she was meant to love, is he out there looking for her? ©2017 what sandra thinks

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I want to be selfish. I want to feel my feelings on the outside not hide them inside. I want to cry in front of the world instead of hiding in my room with my tears. I want to make … Continue reading

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I did not inherit Mom’s gardening expertise. It’s rather unfortunate. If I had any clue what the hell I was doing, I might actually enjoy it. And not hate dirt and bugs quite as much. Okay, let’s not get ridiculous. … Continue reading

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the storm.

When I feel the storm coming I take a breath and imagine I am in your arms When I hear the thunder crack I block my ears and imagine I hear only your voice When I see the lightning flash … Continue reading

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