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door to door.

Don’t come to my door.  I was making dinner tonight with a little fresh air wafting in through the screen door. It wasn’t particularly warm, but the light breeze was refreshing. The ringing doorbell was not. Especially since it was … Continue reading

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fiction fri… tuesday 59: back to you. part 5.

Well… I did it. I moved ‘fiction friday’. And I reserve the right to move it again… if I decide Wednesday is better. As you can see, I didn’t really think of a new name. I guess, for now anyway, … Continue reading

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it hurts.

Sunday morning, I woke up in pain. I don’t know the cause but I spent yesterday with horrible back pain second only to labor. I could barely move. It hurt to breathe. And it hurt to cry but it the … Continue reading

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fake names.

Why are fake names a huge struggle for me? I have spent countless hours scouring the internet for names. For characters, yes, but also for fictional places. I don’t always want to tie a story to a specific place, so … Continue reading

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fiction friday 58: back to you. part 4.

I’ve been thinking about moving ‘fiction friday’ to a new day… (and no longer calling it ‘fiction friday’, I suppose). But in the meantime… the story continues…  back to you. part 4. [previous: part 1 | part 2 | part 3]

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not deep thoughts.

Seriously. These thoughts are not deep. I think I just needed to empty my head… It was fucking hot today. When I looked outside, I expected to see Satan out there having a fucking picnic. My car temp said it … Continue reading

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